Natural Treatment for Jaundice

Natural Treatment for Jaundice

Jaundice is a disease of liver in which whites of eyes and skin of whole body becomes yellow in color. It is caused due to high level of bilirubin pigment in the blood. The extent of yellowing of skin and eye.

There are three causes of jaundice; liver disease, obstruction of bile ducts and hemolysis.The color of the urine becomes yellow. The body becomes weak, appetite decreases and the patient becomes constipated. Modern medicine has no effective drug for curing jaundice. It is a common belief that it spreads through water

The modern Medicine are used to curing jaundice have harmful side effect,therefore people now a days are seeking the natural treatments.Natural remedies are devoid of any side effects, effective and 100% safe as compared with other treatment options.

Ayurvedic medicines such as JAUNDINIL Herbal Capsules is very beneficial for the liver. Medicines containing in this product are also very useful to bring the serum bilirubin back to normal.

Jaundice Treatment with Almonds, Dried Dates and Cardamoms

A mixture of almonds, dried dates and cardamoms is observed as an effective remedy for jaundice. Eight kernels of almonds, two dried dates, and five small cardamoms should be soaked during the night in water. The outer coating of the almond kernels and the inner seeds of dried dates should be detached the next morning and the whole material should be rubbed into a fine paste. Then , fifty grams of sugar and an equivalent amount of butter should be mixed in it and the patient should lick this mixture. One of the simple home remedies for jaundice.

Jaundice Treatment with Sugarcane

One glass of sugarcane juice, mixed with the juice of half a lime, and taken two times daily, can hasten recovery from jaundice. It is, however, very important that the juice must be clean and preferably prepared at home. Resistance is low in jaundice and any contaminated beverage could make matters worse. One of the well liked home remedies for jaundice.

Jaundice Treatment with Lemon

Lemon is also helpful in the treatment of jaundice. The patient should be given 20 ml of lemon juice mixed with water a number of times in a day. This will defend the damaged liver cells.

Jaundice Treatment with Barley Water

Barley water drunk several times during the day is another good medicine for this disease. One cup of barley must be boiled in three litres of water and let it simmered for three hours. One of the useful home remedies for jaundice.

Jaundice Treatment with Jaundice Berry

The herb jaundice berry, botanically known as Berberis vultaris is very helpful in jaundice. The pulverized bark should be given a number of times in a day in doses of one-fourth of a teaspoon in the treatment of this disease, or the fluid extract should be given 2-4 ml doses.

Jaundice Treatment with Bitter Luffa

The juice of bitter luffa is considered as an effective remedy for jaundice. It is obtained by pounding and then squeezing the bitter luffa through the cloth. The juice must be placed on the palm of the hand and drawn up through the nostrils. This will cause a plentiful outflow of a yellow-colored fluid through the nostrils. The toxic matter having been evacuated in a significant quantity, the patient will feel relieved. This is, however, a strong medicine and may cause side effects like giddiness, migraine, and, at times, high fever for a short periods in patients with a delicate nature. Such patients should therefore, avoid its use.

Jaundice Treatment with Radish Leaves

The green leaves of radish are another precious remedy for jaundice. The leaves must be pounded and their juice extracted through cloth. Half a litre of this juice should be taken every day by an adult patient It brings a healthy appetite and proper evacuation of bowels, and this results in gradual decrease of the trouble. In most cases, total cure can be ensured within eight or ten days.

Jaundice Treatment with Tomato

Tomatoes are also helpful in jaundice. A glass of fresh tomato juice, mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper, taken early on in the morning, is considered an useful remedy for this disease. One of the popular home remedies for jaundice

Jaundice treatment with Pigeon Pea Leaves

The green leaves of pigeon pea, a leguminous plant-the beans of which are used for dals-are considered helpful in jaundice. The juice extracted form these leaves should be taken in doses of 60 ml every day. Noticeable improvement will follow its use.

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