Neem Oil – A Valuable Pesticide and Insecticide

Neem Oil – A Valuable Pesticide and Insecticide

Organic Farming is one of the fields of concern today. Farming using Eco-friendly products for the growth of crops is meant as Organic Farming. Use of pesticides to prevent insects in the fields has been a practice from ancient times. However, it has also been a matter of concern for the farmers as it can reduce the infertility of the soil and damages the crops. Before few decades, pesticides used in the farms are chemically prepared and contains unfavorable constituents for both soil and plants leading heavy loss for the farmers. Breaking down of these chemical pesticides is a hectic job for the microbes present in the soil causing infertility. Organic pesticide has become a revolution from then. Researches are undertaken in finding an organic constituent which will serve as a biodegradable pesticide. Research results found that “Azadiractin” a compound in Neem will serve as strong bio- pesticide and can inhibit the growth of more than 200 varieties of pests and insects. Pests like rats, mice, cockroaches were been a menace for the farmers, and they are likely to destroy the whole cultivated land. Neem in the form Oil is used for pests. It is the Odour of Neem Oil that makes it unpleasant for the pests to consume the crops.

Instruction for Preparing Pesticide Spray Using Neem Oil:

Take few tablespoons of Neem oil and mix it in 3-4 liters of water. Use soluble detergents as admixture to make it dilute.

Instruction before Spraying:

Spray the Neem Oil pesticide in the lower half of the plants and in the soil. Avoid spraying over the leaves as it can lead to burn when exposed to sunlight. Strictly Use Neem Oil registered by EPA or any other Environmental friendly committees.

Insects like stem borers, aphids, beetles, worms, caterpillars, miners, bugs, mites, moths and flies use farms as their medium for their life cycle. Neem can make that medium hostile to those insects by the compound azadiractin which acts like a repellent for insects. Azadiractin extracts vary from 300ppm to 2500ppm depending on the method of extraction, which has been practiced. Bitter taste of Neem is due to compounds triglycerides and triterpenoid and this makes the pests and the insects to avoid crops sprayed. Neem in the form of powder is also used as the admixture in urea and mixed with soil for repelling insects.

Instruction for Preparing Soil in Repelling Insect:

Mix cultivable soil with a combined mixture of Urea and Neem cake powder. Neem Cake powder has to be added 15-25% of the weight of Urea for fertile growth of crops. Neem Cake Powder is supposed to be a byproduct of Neem Oil.

Thus Neem oil proves to be a strong pest and insecticide in organic farming. It is Bio-degradable and serves as an Eco-friendly product.

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