Night Creams for Your Skin

Night Creams for Your Skin

In the cosmetic and skin care industry you will find a separate category for night creams. Unlike big bottles of moisturizers or body lotions, these are often found in smaller jars. These creams are thicker in consistency than body lotions and usually are oil based formulations. All the above characteristics refer to night creams. They hold an important position in our daily skin care regime and are extremely beneficial for our skin’s health.The importance of a night cream for your skin

Night creams hold equal importance for your skin as moisturizers. These are basically rich creams and oil based formulations which contain ingredients that help the skins cells grow and nourish the various skin layers. They act as stimulators for the skin’s repair mechanism. All day long, our skin has to face many conditions like dirt, pollution, UV rays, rays from electronic devices, heat rays, dry winds, temperature fluctuations and many other factors. All these conditions cause lots of damage and add to the wear and tear of your skins cells.

This exhausted skin needs to be pampered and boosted to get prepared for next day’s work. Also you need to make sure that the above mentioned harsh conditions do not mark your skin with any unpleasant changes like dark spots or blemishes or patchy skin. For all this you need to feed it with nutrients. The nutrients we consume in our diet are certainly very helpful in maintaining our skin’s health as well. To add on to their effect, skin care experts suggest night creams. These creams have a balanced blend of skin nutrients. Topical application of such creams helps add the desired minerals and thus boost its repair activities, preparing it for the next day.

How Night Creams Work?

Collagen and elastin are important skin proteins. Lipids are also a component of night creams that are important. Commercial forms of these proteins and lipids are added to the night creams. These proteins play a vital role by enhancing the skins penetration level of the cream and also to feed the skin. These proteins give your skin a refreshed look quickly and easily while you are sleeping.

Night creams are to be used only after cleansing your face properly before going to bed. When you remove all the dead skin cells, dirt and make up particles the skin and it gets a chance to breathe through its open pores. Now you can apply a night cream which will effectively and deeply penetrate into the skin through these open pores and start working on your skin. Make sure to apply the night cream at least a half an hour before going to bed as this gives time for the product to penetrate the skin or it might get wiped off against your pillow and sheets.

Night creams work to refresh and rejuvenate your tired skin. Night cream applied daily at bedtime will help you wake up with a glowing and refreshed face. It also helps avoid puffy eyes and wrinkles on your skin. So next time you add products to your skin care regime, do include a good night cream in your shopping list.

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Naomi Andrews is a skin care expert from Hawaii. She has gained training for many laser treatments, facials, chemical peels and many other skin care and cosmetic procedures and treatments. Through her professional carrier, she has come across and worked with a lot of wonderful products like Obagi, iS Clinical and many others.

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