Oatmeal Mask and More Oatmeal Uses

Oatmeal Mask and More Oatmeal Uses

For many of us, a piping hot bowl of oatmeal is the perfect breakfast to start the day. We do that because we know how wholesome and nutritious oatmeal is as a meal. But did you know that it is also has great skin care properties? Cosmetic companies know that and use it for making soaps and other products that are soothing and anti-inflammatory in nature. Here is how you can make oatmeal mask at home at little to no cost:


Masks made from oatmeal help to eliminate skin imperfections as it can penetrate your skin’s surface and draw out impurities from it. Oatmeal masks are better than most as it can cleanse without taking off your skin’s moisture. To make one, just mix 1 tbsp of honey with 5 tbsp of oatmeal till you get a thick paste. Want a deep cleaning oatmeal mask? Then add 1 tbsp of yoghurt. For a moisturizing one, add a ½ ripe banana. For an antioxidant mask, add a ½ ripe chopped apple. Just keep the mask for 5 to 10 minutes before washing off. Do not forget your neck while applying the paste. After washing off, pat dry.


As oatmeal can become a great exfoliating agent as it is very gentle on skin and does not leave it dry. A scrub made from oatmeal will maintain the natural moisture of your skin and hence keep it smooth and soft. Using such a scrub will slough away dead skin cells from your face and encourage the growth of new ones.

So use oatmeal not only for oatmeal mask but also for oatmeal scrub. To create one, grind up the oatmeal in your coffee grinder. You can use a mortar and pestle if you do not have a coffee grinder. To this, add 2 tsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of honey. Use the scrub to massage your neck and face in gentle circular motion. Then rinse off and pat dry.


An old cure for poison ivy itch or chicken pox itch in children was to wash them with oatmeal or give them an oatmeal bath. Today, Botanical Online has proof that such a bath is not only useful in treating these two problems but also with other skin problems like sunburns, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. It is not that only people suffering from skin infection or problem can benefit from an oatmeal bath; such a bath is also great for others to relax and soothe their body. It will also lock in the natural moisture of their skin. So to create an oatmeal mask or bath for your whole body, you can start by mixing ½ cup rolled oats with ¼ cup powdered milk. Keep the mixture in a cheesecloth or muslin bag. Now hang the bag under running water so that the powders steep into the bath water. Lastly step in the water for a relaxing and soothing oatmeal bath.

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