Painting Daisies in The Nursery

Painting Daisies in The Nursery

Floral patterns are among the most popular ideas for nurseries and bedrooms for little girls, and this trend often continues long into adulthood. Painting daisies in the nursery is a cute, girly idea, and there are many different types of daisies that you can choose from as you design your baby girl’s space. Most are not difficult to create, even for someone with limited or no artist experience or painting knowledge.

Use a stencil to create picture-perfect daisies on the wall above the headboard of the crib, including vibrant yellows, white, and green. With a basic stencil that you can find at almost any decor retail store, you can paint beautiful daisy patterns wherever you want, adding as many or as few as you want in the nursery space. A fine paintbrush and a few paint shades will help you capture the perfect daisy or daisy chain in your daughter’s bedroom, and they can easily be incorporated into a variety of decor options. You can stick with basic white for petals, yellow for pollen, and green for leaves and stems, or use unique colors for a modern twist.

A rubber stamp can make it easier to add daisies in the nursery without having to add a lot of detail. A perfect choice for someone with no experience painting, rubber stamps can help you paint daisies quickly and simply, and the only choice left is what color stamp to use. Although it can be hard to find a great daisy rubber stamp at a typical home decor retail store, you can shop at almost any modern art store to find a variety of rubber stamps. Some use traditional ink, but others can be dipped into paint to create a custom look in the nursery.

Freehand artwork is a great way to express your individuality and creativity to your little one. If you have a decent measure of confidence in your artistic abilities, you can freehand draw a daisy, several daisies, a bouquet, or a field of daisies wherever you want in the nursery. It can be traditional daisies or something unique and totally your own design, from hot pink petals to orange stems. Freehand daisies are whimsical, and the colors can easily be chosen based on the rest of the room’s decor.

Go into detail with a few special artist touches, such as shading on the petals. It may take a lot of research and some practice beforehand, but getting the hang of the right type of shading can transform your daisy from a simple flower to a real work of art. Practice on something with a similar texture as the wall so that you can really do the painting justice, but do not feel too bad if it does not come out perfect. It really is the thought that counts, and if at first you do not succeed, try, try again! Keep the shade that you use as the foundation color, and remove the unsuccessful attempt if you are not satisfied with it.

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