Poo Free – Homemade Shampoo Recipe

Poo Free - Homemade Shampoo Recipe

Poo Free… Ahhh… I know that sounds strange doesn’t it? This really isn’t an article on what to do when constipated and I don’t feel the urge to write on that subject at all. No, this has to do with shampoo.

Years ago, I mentioned in a post about how I had a great aunt who was about 90 years old and had never shampooed her hair and everyone was horrified at such a thought. Even when I mentioned that I only wash my hair twice a week they thought that was awful.

Well guess what? The latest new buzz phrase is “poo less hair”. The people that talk about it think they have invented a new thing. They have “discovered” what my aunt knew almost 100 years ago – You don’t need to use shampoo or soap to clean your hair.

Actually I have thought about trying it myself for quite a while and I’m not sure why I didn’t just jump in and do it a long time ago. But I finally did and I love it.

No more shampoo or conditioner for me. I have been “poo free” for a couple of weeks and still can’t get over how great my hair looks.

Now I can hear some of you saying, “No way. I have oily hair and have to wash it every day and need the shampoo to get rid of the oil.” Please read on and consider what I am explaining.

I have very oily, fine, limp long hair. At times I have to deal with fuzzing and all kinds of weird things. To comb my hair out is a pain because of tangles. That is why I am so in awe.

How it Works

It works on the principle that the more oil is stripped from your hair the more oil your body will produce to replace it. It is a cycle. It works something like nursing a baby. The more you nurse the more milk you produce and when you stop all your milk goes away.

We have gotten into a shampooing frenzy, shampooing our hair every day to clean it, so we have started an awful “not good for our scalp” cycle with our bodies. Most shampoos are really bad about stripping the oils out of your hair, causing your body to produce more.

Guess what the number one selling hair product is on QVC (or home shopping network)? Wen. It is a “no shampoo” treatment for your hair. The price? Almost $35 for 16 oz. (about 2 cups) and for long hair you have to use 48 pumps of it. Do you know how expensive that is?

The treatment I’ll share below does the same thing at a cost of about 3 cents for the same amount and you use significantly less of it.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

I asked myself, “Why did I put this off so long? What is the worst that can happen?” I might have oily hair for a week or so and have to wear my hair in a pony tail. It won’t cost me a thing.

What Do I Have to Gain?

I will have healthier hair and save, in some cases, lots of money on shampoo, conditioner and hair products for the whole family. I am finding that I don’t have to use any products like mousse or gel because my hair is holding its curl better. This means I will save by not having to use or buy other products and I’ll also save time. Usually, within an hour, my hair would have lost all it’s curl and if I was going someplace later I would have to curl it again, damaging my hair more.

I Did It.

I jumped in and did it. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t do it years ago. Some people say their hair needed a 2-6 week adjustment period but I didn’t need one, even with my oily hair. The first time I didn’t use shampoo my hair looked even better than before. It combed out more easily with almost no tangles at all and it looked unbelievable. As I said, an added side bonus I hadn’t expected is that it keeps the curl and style better than it did before, so I don’t have to mess with it as much.

I am also going a little longer in between washing it and this is only after two weeks of doing this. I can’t wait to see what it will be like after a couple of months. This has been one of those things that has changed my life. I know that it may sound silly but you know how having a bad hair day makes us ladies feel. I don’t think I can ever have a bad hair day again!

What Do You Do?

There are different ways of doing this but I like to keep things simple so this is what I do. I also brush my hair before I start.

Mix 1 Tbsp. baking soda with 8 oz. hot water and stir or shake until well dissolved. You can use a funnel and put this in a container like a squirt bottle.

Mix 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar in 8 oz. water. Again mix and store in a squirt bottle.

Essentially, you just replace the baking soda mix for shampoo and vinegar for conditioner. Wet hair well, rub in some of the baking soda and mix into your scalp well. Rinse. Then squirt it with the vinegar mix, rub it in and rinse.

I have long hair and the 8 oz. lasted me about 4-5 washings. If you use the same proportions, you can mix a larger amount and keep in a larger bottle if you want.

Questions Answered

If your hair seems a little oily, only add the vinegar rinse to the ends of your hair. You could also use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

If you see a white residue, you may be using too much baking soda. The proportions I listed seem to be just right. Some people place the baking soda in their hand and make a paste to rub into the scalp but it is hard to get the right consistency and I think it is harder to distribute evenly on your scalp.

Some people have found after using this method for a while that they only have to rinse their hair with water because the ph and oil becomes so perfectly balanced. I haven’t been using it long enough yet to know about that.

I know some of you have used regular or apple cider vinegar for a rinse and liked it, and I have too, but adding the soda for shampoo is wonderful.

In Closing

Try it and see. If you are still too afraid to do it, try it on your children or husband for a week or two and see what happens with their hair.

It isn’t like you are investing large amounts of money or time into something. It is very simple. All I can say is I can never go back myself. My hair is so much more manageable and looks so good now that I don’t want shampoo near my hair.

I hope you give it a try!


The Author:

Jill Cooper and Tawra Kellam are frugal living experts and the authors of the Dining On A Dime Cookbook. For more bath and beauty recipes, check out the Pretty for Pennies chapter in the Dining On A Dime Cookbook. Dining On A Dime will help you save money on groceries and get out of debt, by cooking quick and simple homemade meals. For free tips & recipes visit http://www.LivingOnADime.com

10 thoughts on “Poo Free – Homemade Shampoo Recipe

  1. I oil my hair generously before every wash. Will this method remove the oil and clean my hair effectively? I have extremely dry and frizzy hair.

    1. About the oil up front. Once you start using this type of poo-free, you won’t need the oil up front anymore. You’re not using any type of soap that strips your natural oils from your hair, so no hot oil treatments for you! YAY! You will want to leave about a tablespoon of product in your hair once it’s been towel dried…no rubbing now!…just wrapped in a towel. then put on the tablespoon of product and work it in before CAREFULLY combing through with the largest tooth comb you can find. I have never in all my 57 years loved my hair. No more dry and frizzy…and just a spritz of distilled water now and then to keep body (or curl) in. AND I do love my hair now! Lots of compliments since I started this new poo-free thing. 🙂 Good Luck!
      ~Aunty Cathy in Hawaii

    2. Going “poo-free” or using a no-shampoo method can be beneficial for some people, but it may not work for everyone. It really depends on your hair type and individual needs.

      Using oil as a pre-wash treatment can be very nourishing for dry and frizzy hair. However, it’s important to also remove the excess oil from your scalp and hair during washing to avoid buildup and prevent clogged pores.

      One option is to try using a natural oil-based cleanser, such as a cleansing balm or co-wash conditioner, instead of traditional shampoo. These products can help to gently cleanse your hair while also providing moisture and nourishment.

      It may take some experimentation to find the right routine that works for you and your hair type. You could consider consulting with a hair stylist or trying out different products until you find what works best for your hair.

  2. Hi
    I heard about Poo Free method and I tried it. I loved it but then I started to worry if this method will clean my hair properly if i would use it instead of shampoo constantly. Thing that scares me the most is lice. Propably i just overthink but please could You answer if this hommade shampoo will clean hair well?
    Thanks, in advance 🙂

    1. After a while of washing your hair without shampoo, your hair will start to clean itself. Don’t worry about getting head lice because you don’t use shampoo, lice is transmitted by coming into contact with infested personal belongings like hats or brushes, scarves, headphones etc.

  3. My daughter almost ruined her long, beautiful hair by using this method. Baking soda is very harsh and drying on your hair. Beware!

    1. There is often a significant adjustment period. My hair took weeks to finally balance out. You might want to play with the ratios of soda/water and vinegar/water. I recently switched from white vinegar to apple cider vinegar, made a huge difference for me. Yes, it may not be for everyone, but I certainly don’t understand how one could ruin their hair using all natural ingredients. I believe years of using harsh chemicals ruined my hair and I am on the road to recovery. After switching I also invested in jojoba, glycerin and aloe for conditioner and I will never waste money on otc crap for my hair . After 30 years of hating and fighting with my hair we now have a loving relationship. Don’t give up!

  4. I have dandruff, and if I do not use dandruff shampoo everyother wash on hair and face i get red patches on head and face. I dermatologist told me to use head and shoulders ro wash my face and hair. I have switched to vinager rinse that works as a great conditioner. My hair dresser told me about it. Very surprised how soft and tangle free my hair is.

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