Best Protein Sources for Vegetarians

Proteins are very necessary for human health. The muscles of the body, hair, fingernails and many other body parts are made up of partially or wholly of protein. It is the common belief of the person that that the main source of proteins are only the non-vegetarian food substances. They think that vegetarian food normally lacks in protein. Now the question emerges, is their belief right? Well you can get the answer of this question by your own while reading this article on vegetarian protein food.

It is a fact that vegetarian food stuffs are also best in providing proteins and that too in high quantity. It is even revealed out of several surveys that those who are vegetarian are more healthy and fit as compared to those who are not. The only important thing to keep in mind is that the healthy vegetarian should take care to have adequate amount of protein in his diet for sure. It is worth to state that vegans require having more sensitivity regarding their body’s protein requirements.

Here is a list of pure vegetarian protein food stuffs for vegans:


It is rare and pure vegetarian complete protein that contains all essential amino-acids. It is 85-95 percent digestible and easy for body to assimilate and digest. You can enjoy spirulina in dressing or smoothies.

Bee pollen:

Bee pollen has approximately 40 percent of proteins and packed with vital vitamins and minerals. It is count as nature’s super nourishing vegetarian protein food. Bee pollen has more proteins as compared to any other animal sources like beef, eggs, meat etc.

Soy products:

Cooked soybeans (1/2 cup) have 10 grams of proteins and tofu (1/4 cup) also contains same quantity of proteins. Soy products are involved in small quantum in Asian diets while they are completely new for west. Select best quality of organic tofu as well as unsweetened soy milks. Fermented products of soy are very easy to digest.

Legumes and Beans:

Cooked chickpeas (2/3 cup) have 10 grams proteins. Incomplete proteins are present in beans. This means you can make them healthier by cooking them with other protein rich vegetables. Eating grains and beans together is classic combination that provides complete proteins.


Dairy products are very rich in proteins. Raw milk straight from the cow has very high content of proteins. Thus, raw organic as well as fermented milk food products are far better than homogenized and pasteurized milk.

Process of homogenization breaks milk into very smaller particles. These particles cause lactose intolerance. Pasteurization mainly sanitizes milk but also kills its goodness too. The enzymes present in raw milk help in digestion.

However, if you have treated organic-milk as a last option then do not worry. Here are some guidelines to make proteins present in homogenized and pasteurized milk more digestible.

Eat yoghurt.

Warm the milk with some digestive spices like cinnamon, ginger and cardamom.

Cottage cheese would become more digestible when it added with little yoghurt.

Try sheep and goat products.

Protein powder:

Whey protein-powders are processed proteins. However, smoothie protein-powder is very fine to take as occasional snack or in breakfast. Quality is key factor for complete health. So, from above vegetarian protein food stuffs you can get high quality protein. If you require more proteins then switch towards several other things available as well. It is not that the above mentioned are only the protein rich vegetarian food. In addition there are several other sorts of vegetarian foods available that can provide you with right quantity of protein. Some other sorts of choices that are available for you are bee pollen, legumes, spirulina etc. Hence, from the above food stuffs you can have rich protein diet without any non-vegetarian food.

In addition, if you are concerned with the cost aspect, then too you need not to worry at all. It is so because if you would go for such sorts of foods then the best part is that you would get vegetarian food cheaper as compared to the non vegetarian food. So what’s the deal in not going for vegetarian protein food? Also you are not required to worry about various problems or diseases than can happen because of eating poor quality non vegetarian food.

Being vegan is itself a special and better choice. Thus, take high protein containing vegetables and fruits in your diet with other vegetarian protein food in order to have protein as per your physical requirements.

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