Providing a Safe Environment for Hot Tub Births

Hot tub births are increasing as more women are finding out the benefits of water births. Hot tubs are known for providing a soothing and relaxing environment for us when we are in need of relaxation, so why not deliver your baby in a hot tub? And if you don’t have a hot tub, an inflatable hot tub is an affordable and convenient option; many women purchase inflatable hot tubs so they can give birth in a hot tub at home.

Hot tub births have many benefits over natural childbirth in a hospital. The mother and baby are relieved of undue stress. The pain of childbirth is easier to control when your muscles are relaxed, and tearing or injury to the mother is less likely to occur. The baby is born into an environment that is closer to the environment they have spent the last 9 months in. The benefits of hot tub births are why more and more women are choosing them. Providing a safe environment for hot tub births is very important. You should consult your physician or midwife about the pros and cons of hot tub births.

To begin with, no hot tub birth should be performed without the guidance of a health care professional. Make sure that a midwife or doctor is present during the process. The health of the mother and baby are of the utmost importance throughout the entire process. The mother should not enter the hot tub until the midwife or doctor advises her to do so. Entering too early can slow or stall the contractions.

The hot tub water should be clean and clear of debris. Check with your health care provider to find out what types of chemicals should be added to the water and what the proper chemical balance should be. Your spa supplies store will be able to provide you with the proper chemicals.

If there are steps going up to the hot tub, make sure they are not slippery. You should have textured stairs to prevent slips and falls. If you use an inflatable hot tub, you will be able to step into it with some assistance from your birthing partner and/or medical professional. The area immediately surrounding the hot tub should be clear of obstacles. And make sure that the water in the hot tub is the temperature that your health care provider advises.

Providing a safe environment for hot tub births can help to ensure that the birth of your baby will be a wonderful experience. Hot tub births help to ease the stress and pain of childbirth and can create a memorable and peaceful delivery. Check with your doctor or midwife to see if a hot tub birth is an option for you.

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