Radiant and Healthy Skin Treatment

Radiant and Healthy Skin Treatment

Here are a few tips; if you follow them diligently you will not only have a radiant skin but also well-being and vitality.

Junk Food:

This food which is overloaded with salt, sugar, fats and spices slow down the flow of important and essential juices which adversely affects the skin and gives rise to embarrassing skin blemishes. Therefore, you should always eat wholesome meals, simply cooked or not cooked at all with plenty of cereals, moderate amount of proteins and as much of fresh vegetables and fruits as you can eat.

Salt and Sugar:

They are white poisons and should be eaten to the barest of minimum. They not only increase your weight but are also enemies of a clear skin. White sugar contains no vitamins and minerals. Sugar in any form like sweets, desserts, chocolates, pastries, cakes, ice cream, etc. Not only give rise to diseases but are fattening and harmful for the skin. Similarly, salt is harmful to the skin. It encourages water retention and therefore puffiness of the skin. It should not be taken more than 2.3 gm daily which is the recommended daily intake.

Use Steamed and Grilled Food:

Avoid fried food. Instead grill, roast or bake food. If you want to eat fried foods then cut them into large pieces and fry them at high temperature so that food is fried quickly and therefore absorbs less oil. Pat off the excess oil with paper towels.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Water is the nectar of life. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. This not only prevents constipation which gives rise to a sluggish skin but also puts a sparkle in your complexion and clears the blood stream of all the impurities.


Get enough sleep in the night. If you have a sound sleep the body gets a chance to renew itself and decaying cells are eliminated through metabolic process. Average adult need 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily. Less hours of sleep can result in under eye dark circles, dead skin and disease like high blood pressure, besides it is a scientific fact that it shortens life considerably.

Take Time for Prayer and Meditation:

Meditation is of tremendous value for maintaining mental and spiritual health. Prayer and meditation are food for the soul, strength and beauty for the body.

Junk Food Reduces The Most Important Mineral in Our Body, Namely Zinc.

It is needed for the production of the new healthy cells on the skin. Therefore, eat some nuts and seeds daily which are a good source of zinc.

Intense Heat and Cold:

These have bad effect on the skin. Heat has a drying effect on the skin. As the natural oils begin to dry the skin starts to wrinkle and brown spots appear on it. In hot weather therefore you should moisturize your skin regularly to replenish lost moisture and natural oils. As heat the cold. Both make the skin dry and rough. Intense cold gives the skin a flaky appearance and hastens the appearance of thread veins on the cheeks. Again moisturizing the skin regularly prevents the skin from going bad.

Swimming in The Salt Water

Swimming in the salt water is good for the skin but you should immediately wash off the salt water fresh water, otherwise the salt will make the skin dry and produce burning and itching. If your skin is extremely dry, you should never wash it with tap water because the salts and calcium in the water will make it drier; therefore always wash with mineral water. Never wash your face with hard water. Use softening substances like bath salts for bathing.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners dry up the skin, so you should always apply a good moisturizing cream-every night. Always remove make up in the night fore going to sleep and make it scrupulously clean so that the cells have a chance to renew themselves.

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