Raising Chickens in Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Raising Chickens

How Does the Climate Affect Backyard Fowl?

Although chickens seem like fragile creatures, they possess certain characteristics that allow them to survive through many different weather climates.

While some chickens can withstand winter, others thrive in the summer weather. It all depends on the climate that you are planning to raise your chickens in as to what type of chicken you should raise

If you live where winters are harsh, or where it is literary winter all the time, you should take certain precautions so as to not endanger your chickens.

In cold weather, never try placing a space heater near your chickens, as their metabolism allows them to adapt to extreme cold conditions.

To avoid situations where the chicken’s wattle and comb are affected by frostbite, you can coat them with petroleum jelly or any moisturizer every other day.

Chickens won’t drink from a frozen water outlet, and they cannot digest water with impurities. Their water must always be fresh. If you do not have a means for keeping the water from freezing, you should take the water out of the pen at night, and return it in the morning.

If you live in a climate where it is warm or hot all year round, your chickens are prone to excessive heat exposure and dehydration. By making sure that they have a fresh water supply at all times, you can ensure that they will not be at risk. Additionally, be sure that the chickens have some type of shelter from the sun.

Be sure to observe your chickens for signs of distress, such as:

  • Abnormality in the stool (blood, worms and white droppings)
  • Sneezing and watery eyes
  • Unable to mingle with the flock
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mites

Consult your veterinarian right away if any unusual symptoms are present.

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