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Cleaning Tips

Reader cleaning tips on how to clean sinks and tubs,  how to whiten uniforms,  how to have fog free mirrors and a great laundry tip.

Sharing A Cleaning Tip

– by Rita D.

If you do a lot of cleaning as I do and use a lot of soaps, detergents etc. When rinsing sinks tubs or whatever, a small amount of distilled vinegar in a bucket of warm water or a spray bottle, cuts rinsing time in more than half. Plus it saves a great deal on water consumption.

White Uniforms

– by Angela B.

Your published tip for whitening teeth was interesting and reminded me of a whitening tip of my own. But not for teeth! As a beauty and holistic therapist I discovered (quite by accident) a useful method of keeping my all-white uniform sparkling. This is a useful tip for any person who wears white a lot (painter/decorators, chefs, nursery nurses etc….) Use slightly less than your usual detergent and add a nappy sanitizing powder (or diaper sanitizing powder, depending on which side of the Atlantic you live!!) About two rounded desert spoonfuls is adequate for washing by hand in the sink or a small half load in the washing machine. the amount can be doubled if washing a full load in the machine. In Britain, this product markets under proprietary names like “Napisan” or “Nappi-wite” and these days admittedly is not always easy to get hold of since disposable nappies/diapers are far more widely used. However, I find that it’s worth looking out for and many large chemist and drugstore chains make it under their own label, too. A similar result can be achieved by adding a net curtain whitener but this works out a little more expensive.

I recently found that my local supermarket were selling off several boxes of this substance cheaply since there was not a lot of call for it in current times and it was old stock. Delighted to find a bargain I bought a large amount which will last me a considerable time.

Fog Free Mirrors

– by Chiefs Beg

Apply regular old shaving cream to your mirror in small amounts in a thin layer and wipe clean with a clean rag. Not only does it keep your bathroom mirrors clean they also do not fog over. My husband loves this idea.

Laundry Tip

– by Joanne

This is my inexpensive tip like, spray and wash.

Equal parts of white vinegar and liquid dish washing soap put into a spray bottle and spray on spots, some you might have to rub on them. You will be amazed how it just lifts right off. Try it!

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