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Cleaning Tips

Cleaning advice from readers on how to clean a computer, a thermos, and how to keep a car’s floor dry in the winter.

Squeaky Doors

– by David J. M.

To quiet squeaky doors, spray the hinges with WD-40


– by Velma N.

I place several sheets of newspaper under my car mat to soak up water from melted snow in the winter. Remember to remove before it freezes to the carpet.

Computer Clean

– by Cindy L.

The best thing I have found to clean my computer or telephone or any other device is plain old vinegar. Dip a cotton swab in a bowl of vinegar and clean all surfaces. For larger areas use a cotton ball. This is even better than alcohol.

Thermos Cleaning

– by Gary M.

To get those nasty coffee stains out of your stainless steel thermos just put a couple of tablespoons of Cascade (used in dishwashers) in the thermos and add hot water. Put on lid and shake! Let stand for about 15 minutes and say good bye to the stains. This also works on plastic cups used for drinks, ice tea pitchers and many other stains you might have from liquids in a container.

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