Readers’ Perfume and Cologne Recipes

Readers' Perfume and Cologne Recipes

Readers’ tips and ideas for making homemade perfumes, toilet waters and colognes.

Lemon Leaves

by A. Hynes

Another thing you can use to make your perfume scented is to use lemon leaves. It is also best to use cold water.

Fresh Dew Perfume

by Starfitch

You should add Fresh Dew to your perfume list!!

you just mix~

  • vanilla extract (6 drops)
  • lemon juice (1/4 cup)

and then you boil it with 1 cup of water covered for 2 minutes then boil again after it is chilled in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. Right after you take it off the burner QUICKLY put it in a glass then into the refrigerator for 1 hour. Pour into a bottle and you’ re ready to go!!

Homemade Vanilla Extract

by Brenda C.

Cut 1 vanilla bean into several pieces. Place in a glass jar with 1/3 teaspoon of sugar and 3 ounces of vodka. Place lid on tightly and let vanilla bean steep for one month. Shake every day. It will then be ready to use.

Lavender Toilet Water

by A. Hynes

Mix 1 tablespoon lavender oil with a little alcohol until blended (4 cups). Then stir in 1 desert spoon of rosewater. Put into a sealed bottle or container and leave for six weeks to reach maturity.

Making Lavender Oil

by Victoria M.

The essential oil that comes from the lavender plant is highly scented and is a common ingredient used in making perfumes and toilet waters.

When you are growing the plant for its oils, gather the flowers from it as soon as the flowers are faded, that’s when you will get the most oils from it.

To make the essential oil itself: Soak the flower heads in a large glass bowl in olive oil, enough to cover the heads. Let it sit for 24 hours then strain through cheese cloth.

Voila, you have your own homemade lavender essential oil. This works best on a small scale of course. Hope your readers can use this tip.

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