Reasons to Avoid The Use of Standard Gutter Screens

Reasons to Avoid The Use of Standard Gutter Screens

The gutters of a home are a very important part of the property. When you have proper gutters working the right way, it can help ensure that water is able to flow off your roof, through the gutters, and into the downspouts. Unfortunately, gutters do have the tendency to get clogged and full of leaves and other debris. They can also be a great temporary home for critters. To help protect gutters, many property owners will invest in gutter screens. While this is a common solution, there are several reasons why a proper owner shouldn’t use gutter screens and should invest in better gutter systems.

They Do Not Keep Out all Debris

One of the challenges with standard gutter screens is that they do not have the ability to keep out all debris. A standard gutter screen will have a lot of small holes, similar to a mesh. While this can prevent larger leaves from getting in, you are still bound to accumulate dirt and small seeds. Eventually, this could even cause small pieces of vegetation to grow in the gutter. If it does not flow out properly, the screens could lead to significant damage in your gutters. 

Larger Debris Will Accumulate on Top

One of the advantages of gutter screens is that they will prevent larger pieces of debris from getting into the gutters. However, this does not solve a problem for the larger pieces of debris. In some cases, it can even make the situation worse. If you have a lot of leaves and sticks that fall on your roof throughout the year, they will eventually fall and accumulate on top of the gutter screens. This can then make it difficult for water to pass through, which can ruin the benefit of the gutters. 

Questionable Durability

You should also be hesitant about gutter screens because their durability is questionable. The reason to have any accessories added to your gutters is so you do not have to manually clean the gutters as frequently to keep them clear. However, the gutter screens may not have the strength to withstand the pressure that can come with a lot of build-ups over time. Due to this, you should look for a solution that is stronger and will provide your roof and gutters with the protection that it needs over the long run.  

Advantages of The K-Guard Gutter System

When you are looking to protect your roof, gutters, and home, upgrading from a traditional gutter screen is a good option. The K-Guard system offers various benefits that can make it a great option for your property. One of the advantages of this system is that it has a curved hood that will sit on top of your gutters. This hood will allow water to flow through the cover, but pieces of debris will easily slide off. This can prevent accumulation from occurring on top of your gutters. 

Another advantage of this gutter system is that it is designed to keep seeds and soil from getting into your gutters. Due to this, you will not have to worry about vegetation growing in the gutters. Further, the materials in this system are quite durable and can withstand the harsh winter and build-up of debris that can occur in areas all over the country. 

When you are looking to protect your home, finding a way to protect your gutters is a great first step. The use of the K-Guard Gutter Systems is one great way to protect your gutters. There are various reasons why you should avoid the use of standard gutter screens and instead invest in gutter protectors. 

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