Readers Hair Care Tips – page 15

Readers Hair Care Tips – page 15

Readers Hair Care Tips – page 15 – Hair Tips,  Hair Volume, Homemade Blonde Hair Highlights, Hair Gel Spray,

All The Hair Tips You Need

by Traci

1. If you want softer and more manageable hair – before you take a shower, take some vegetable oil and smooth it through your hair. Let sit for 10 minutes. Wash out well with shampoo and rinse.

2. If you want shiny hair – take 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 quart (4 cups) of warm water and mix well. After shampooing and conditioning, pour water and honey mixture over head, comb through. Do not rinse out.

3. How to make your own spray gel – take about a cup of hot water and place in an empty hair spray bottle. add 2 tablespoons – 1/4 cup of gel of your choice. Put cap on and shake well. Shake vigorously each time before you use.

4. To make shampoo last longer – take 1 empty and 1 full shampoo bottle. Pour half of the full bottle into the empty. Fill both with water, leaving 1/2 an inch of room at the top. shake to mix. Use the same way as you normally do.

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by Jendm33

Hey! I have really thin hair and it is flat. It is really hard to get the volume curly hair with out it going back to flat within a couple hours. So I messed around with my hair and i found a really good way to get my hair big and curly.

First thing you do is take a shower and once you get out let your hair dry to damp. Once it does, take sections of your hair and twist them tight untill they curl up in balls and clip them tight so it doesn’t move. Do this to your whole head. Once complete spray some hair spray on them and go to sleep or blow dry them dry if you are doing it that day.

When it dries take out all the clips and separate all the hair so it isn’t it clumps. It will be big at first but once you take gel unscrunch your hair it will look like a nice curly volume look that will last you all day.

Homemade Blonde Highlights

by Jennifer

For ages I have been trying to get recipies off the internet for homemade blonde highlights. But not one website had anything that worked. Well I finally found some thing that does.

What you’ll need:

Body and Soul sunless Tan no sun spritz spray
Just spray on in the areas you wish to dye and wait 30 min. and YAY!! blonde highlights.

Flame Gel

by Dylan S.

Hi! My name is Dylan and I have created my own gel today. I just wanted to tell you how to make it. The name is Flame Gel … the direction are the following.

step one … take 4 different bottles of gel put in a bowl and mix.

step two … add water halfway and mix well until it looks clear… like a liquid.

step three … put in a spray bottle and TRY IT.

Say Goodbye to Loose Ends!

by Sarah C. – NH

When you take a shower don’t brush your hair right away because you’re damaging hair particles, then when you style your hair you’ll have fly-aways. If you are in a rush comb, it don’t brush it. Be sure to use a wide tooth comb.

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Source: – Ingredients for a Simple Life.

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