Romance 101: How To Show Him You Love Him

Romance 101

36 tried and true tips to show him just how much you really love him.

1. Tell him you love him but don’t over do it. A few times a day is more than enough.

2. Make him a great sandwich…try the hero sandwich. 🙂

3. He will love getting a text from you that says you are thinking of him or missing him.

4. Give him a massage. Foot or back.

5. Thank him for being in your life, for the things he does for you. He needs to feel appreciated just as much as you do.

6. Ask him his opinion on something that matters to you. He will feel valued.

7. Buy him his favorite beer to stock up in the fridge.

8. Watch one of his type of movies or TV show.

9. Give him a compliment but make sure it’s genuine otherwise he will see right through it.

10. Make some you and him time outside of family and friends. Intimate time is important.

11. If he is a sports fan, go to a sports game with him. Be fun and paint the team logo on your cheek or team colors. (make sure it’s his team colors lol)

12. Give him some alone time every so often…let him miss you.

13. Dance with him, slow dancing is a great excuse to be close together.

14. Buy or make him some snacks. Try to keep it healthy, after all, you want your guy to be in good health.

15. Cook a nice meal for him.

16. Ask him what makes him happy. Communication is key to a good relationship.

17. Wear something feminine around him, doesn’t have to be super elaborate or high maintenance, just tie your hair back with a ribbon, or wear a nice shade of pink or red lipstick.

18. Make him breakfast in bed.

19. Give him a long full body hug. No shorter than 20 seconds which is long enough to release the bonding hormone Oxytocin.

20. Run a bath or shower for him after a long day. Light a scented lavender or vanilla candle in the room. It will set a calming environment.

21. Give him your full attention, ask him how his day was. (put your cell phone down!)

22. Buy a shirt or piece of clothing that you would think that looks great on him.

23. Make him a CD/playlist with his favorite music on it.

24. Take him out for dinner or even a cup of coffee. You pay.

25. If he is a sports fan, at least once, watch his fav sports game with him, and provide some snacks.

26. Don’t nag him to do things around the house, ask him politely if you need help.

27. Respect him. Treat him as you would your best friend.

28. If you are married/ living together, have a date night and let him chose what to do.

29. Write him a love note and tuck it in his lunch or briefcase or even under his pillow.

30. Be yourself around him, let your guard down. He will appreciate being around the real you.

31. Don’t play verbal games with him. If you need something or want something…be direct and just say so. Men don’t like beating around the bush. It only frustrates them.

32. Take care of him if he is not feeling well.

33. Send him a fun/flirty photo to his cell phone.

34. Make him feel wanted and important in your life. Make time for intimacy.

35. Keep his secrets. Things he tells you in private should remain that way. He needs to be able to have trust.

36. Be playful around him. Laugh with him, have a good time.

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