Rose Centerpiece Ideas – How to Create Rose Centerpieces

Modern roses are easy to grow with few requirements. They need eight hours of sun a day, rich soil, and moist but not soggy soil. Roses are available year round at Florists. Grocery store floral departments often offer roses at bargain prices in a wide variety of colors. So what can you do with all those roses? Here are several rose centerpiece ideas.


A topiary is a plant that is clipped in geometric shapes or other fanciful designs. One of the most common is the lollipop design, a sphere atop a trunk. Strip the leaves from the roses. Hold the roses right below their heads and tie. Cut the stems all the same length. Tie the stems at the bottom as well. Put floral foam into a shallow container. The foam should barely fit. Soak with water. As the foam absorbs the water it expands and will now fit tightly into the container. Push the rose stems into the foam. Cover the foam with sphagnum moss. If the arrangement is too top heavy cover the foam with glass pebbles or marbles and then the moss. As the roses open the tight bouquet at the top will fill out and resemble a sphere.


One rose in a bud vase is pretty, a dozen roses each in their own vase marching down the center of a table is stunning. Vases should all be the same for the best effect. Another idea is to cut the stems very short and place the rose blossom in votive candle holders. Alternate a rose with a votive holder that holds a candle.

Cut the rose stems in varying lengths, with every two roses having the same length. The tallest rose is in a vase in the center. As the roses progress towards the ends of the table the lengths gets shorter and shorter. Scatter rose petals among the vases.

Water Wonders

Wait until the blossoms have opened about halfway. Cut the stems off and float the roses in a clear shallow dish. Stack the shallow dishes for a tiered effect using clear glasses as the support between the dishes. Float a rose in each clear glass.

Find an empty round fish bowl, the kind used for goldfish works perfectly. Use a metal flower frog to anchor the roses. The frog looks like a pin cushion with the sharp ends pointing upwards. The stems of the flowers are pushed onto the pins to hold them. Arrange the rose stems on the sharp ends. Place the flower frog in the fish bowl. Cover the bottom of bowl with glass pebbles. Fill with water so the roses are underwater.

Roses are inexpensive, easy to grow, and fun to work with when you create rose centerpiece ideas.

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