Scented Candle Secrets

Scented Candle Secrets

Custom Scent Your Home for Cheap

Whole empires have been built around our noses need for atmosphere. But it’s more than just that, scent is one of the biggest memory triggers. It’s mood enhancing. It can set the whole tone of your day.

But you don’t always want something with an open flame … sometimes a scented candle isn’t what you need. Certainly not ’round the clock. I guess there’s always those scented oil plug-in things … somehow they just miss the point for me.

So here’s the solution I’ve come up with.

What You’ll Need:

You’ll need the following supplies (makes 22 pieces … enough to last 2 months +/-):

* 3 Scented Candles (I use natural wax votives)
* 1 Double Boiler
* Plastic Candy Mold Trays
* Making Your Scented Candle Melts

I take my favorite scented votive candle. Make sure it’s one that holds its scent to the bottom and also when liquid. Actually I use three because then my melted wax fits exactly into two small peanut buttercup mold trays. I like to use the kind of wax that cleans up with soap and water.

Remove the wicks from your scented votives.

Melt your votives in double boiler (a pyrex measuring cup in a pan of water will do in a pinch).

Spoon or pour into candy mold.

Wait until firm enough to move.

Slide into the freezer for 20 minutes (give or take … this isn’t rocket science after all)

Remove from freezer and turn tray over.

They’ll pop right out!

Using Scented Candle Melts

Okay so now you’ve got your scented candle wax just the way you want it. What to do with it??

Well, when you use a high quality scented candle, they work really well as sachets (bag in tiny Ziplocs to protect clothing in drawers) and also as car air fresheners…. be sure and set them out of the sun.

You can also melt them. There are these things called “Tart Warmers” available at the store. And also online. Ask if you need help finding a good one.

Working with What You’ve Got

But wait, if you’re like me, and have an electric heat source, you might already have what you need available at home to make your scented candle melts.

Here’s what I do (and remember … only use wax from scented candles that will clean-up with soap and water … otherwise you’ll have a real mess on your hands).

Find a small plate or saucer that you’re willing to dedicate to melting your scented candle wax in. You can find them for next too nothing at yard sales. You need one that is heatproof. They’ll say “oven safe” on the bottom … or any old fashioned piece of pottery/ceramics will do. After all, they’ve been fired in a kiln, right?

I take my saucer and set it on my heat source first. BEFORE turning it on. This is very important.

You know how when you have a glass thats cold and you pour something hot into it, it cracks? Well, you’ve got the same challenge here. If you “Heat Shock” your plate, you’ll crack it. Warm your plate up slowly and everything will be okay.

Place your plate on a cool electric burner (a woodstove works well too), add a couple of your new little scented candle melts, heat till the wax is halfway melted … then turn the burner off. Repeat occasionally to re-release the scent.

That all there is to it – Your whole house will smell great!

The Author:

Andrea S. Goodsaid has been a full-time crafter and small business owner since 1987. Today she mentors and trains others in their own home candle (and other) businesses.

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