Scrapbooking Scissors – Essential Tools

Scrapbooking Scissors - Essential Tools

Scrapbooking is the fastest growing craft around the world, allowing so many people to preserve their family history and add their personal touches to family photos and documenting the growing and fun time with kids. Scrapbooking tools and embellishments are now readily available and help even the less crafty amongst us to get started. From small beginnings we can all learn to create beautiful layouts.

Choosing your scrapbooking tools to create these layouts can seem daunting when starting out. Trying to understand what you really need and what is only the latest fad is hard to distinguish to begin with. Scrapbooking scissors are one of the few tools that you will use everyday you sit down to create. A little thought put into purchasing these tools will lead to a life long pleasure of creating.

There are three main categories of scrapbooking scissors; your everyday pair, those special purpose pairs and those gorgeous decorative scissors. Lets look at these in more detail.

Your everyday scrapbooking scissors need to be solid and robust. You will use them to cut double sided tape, open packaging, cut out rub-ons before applying them and for 101 other things each day. Before buying a pair, check that your hand fits comfortably into the handle and that they open and close with ease, but are not too loose. New scissors may be coated with an oil or anti-rusting coating; wipe your scissors down and cut some scrap paper before using them on more precious supplies. If they still seem to leave a mark on the paper, wash them is soapy water, making sure you let them dry thoroughly (with blades open) to ensure no dampness is left behind that may cause rust.

The storage of your everyday scissors must also be considered. They need to be stored in the closed position, either upright, with the blades pointed down, or if you have enough room, flat on the table surface. Keeping them close at hand, in a pencil tin or tool caddy is a great way to store them properly and have them within easy reach when you need them.

Special purpose scrapbooking scissors are also straight blade scissors, but of varying sizes and blade shapes that make them suited for specific purposes. This may include cutting unmounted rubber stamps or cutting out detailed decoupage designs For these cases different types of scissors are needed and often these are different from your everyday scissors to ensure they are in their best condition when you need them for their special purpose. You may also need special cutters if you are doing any type of metal or wire work. We NEVER use everyday scissors for cutting wire or metal (except the thinnest shim). Pliers or tin snips are needed in these cases.

Decorative scissors add a fancy touch to your layout and photo layering. They range from simple pattern scissors like pinking, cloud or postage stamp patterns, right through to those fancy patterns with names like Victorian and Aztec. Decorative scrapbooking scissors offer a relative cheap way to add detail, especially when use in conjunction with punches.

I hope this introduction into scrapbooking scissors has provided some insight into things to consider when looking at scrapbooking tools, and scissors in particular. They will be used often and with a thoughtful purchase and proper storage and use, they will last a very long time.

Happy scrapping!

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Michelle Brown is a mother and an engineer, who is passionate about all aspects of mixed media art.

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