Sea Salt for Beauty & Slimming

Sea Salt for Beauty & Slimming

Sea salt, although is widely used in cosmetic, gourmet and as bath salts, you would probably be amazed that it has also found its way into beauty products.  Actually, it’s not surprising if it does.

Sea salt, unlike table salt which we normally use for cooking, is obtained by evaporating sea water. Since it’s extracted naturally, it has tremendous benefits on your skin. Therefore, it is now been used as a beauty agent as well. Now, how does sea salt works on your skin?

As an Antiseptic

Firstly, sea salt can act as an antiseptic. It kills germs very effectively. Thus, if you have wound, applying it helps your wound heal much faster. Wait a minute! Adding salt to the wound? Yes, it maybe a little bit painful at first, but the fact is – your wound will heal faster, and it will leave no wound marks. So, what bad is there to add salt to the wound, right?

High Mineral Content and Multiple Functions

Secondly, sea salt contains high concentration of potassium, sodium, chlorine, magnesium and 92 other essential minerals. These minerals help increasing your metabolism rate, cleanse your skin deeply, and act as anti-inflammation and antiseptic agents.

Proksch E, Nissen HP, Bremgartner M, and Urquhart C from the University of Kiel’s Department of Dermatology in Germany have examined volunteers who bathed in the sea salt solution and found them to have improved skin barrier function and reduced skin roughness and inflammation. Therefore, they concluded that there is positive benefits of bathing in the sea salt solution mainly due to its high magnesium content.

As such, using it for your skin is likely to make your skin healthier, smoother and reduce inflammation. It helps to reduce the size of the skin pores; removes oily skin, pigmentation, dead skins by boosting the function of your sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

These two gland systems function to help you remove aged and dead skins from your body, enabling the new skin to surface and breathe. Imagine to show the world your new skin at anytime you want to…

Removes Fat Effectively!

Thirdly sea salt is known to also remove fat! Although much researches are still needed to prove this, we have tested applying it in tummy areas; areas underneath the arm; hip areas etc, and found that it does help to inch down the size in matter of days.

This is not a surprise, since applying it on your skin also increases your metabolism rate. Increased metabolism rate means more fat will be burn in the process.

On top of that, sea salt has similar molecular structure as our blood cells, and when it is applied on your skin, it will be easily absorbed into the blood system and lymph through the skin.

It will then help to remove old cells, toxic and fat from the blood system and lymph, which leads to beauty effect as well.

For Beauty and Slimming

This may be new, but it is proven to have great benefits on your skin and slimming.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you include sea salt blend in your beauty product collection. More so if you want to throw off some of those excessive fat from your body.

The Author:

C. Guan Soo has recently researched into sea salt and ginger root oil, and discovered that both of these gifts of nature has tremendous benefit for your skin and specifically – for slimming. His friend has made a perfect blend of spa sea salt with ginger root oil with 6 functions in one single bottle: slimming, whitening, removing pigmentation, hydrating, firming and purifying and has gotten extremely good response in the past 4 years. You can discover this amazing blend at today.

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