Things One Can Adapt to Live Self-Sufficient and Simple Life

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In this fast growing realm, it becomes so difficult and complicated to sustain and maintain one’s lifestyle. People need to work eighty hours a week just to uphold their status. They feel their feet trapped under the demands of society and culture. At the times of economic uncertainty, fears appear to be taking their toll on their health, well being and finical status. So it becomes important to be self-sufficient to save money and sustain under any situations to meet their basic requirement without public subsidies.

A person who is addicted to country life or one who lives in urban or rural communities both can adopt various measures to have self-sufficient and simple living. How, where and what one can to do to become self-sufficient is his personal subjective. Though this method takes time to exercises, but once you reach there it can be quite liberating. It is not difficult for those who have the time and readiness.

Self-sufficient and simple living can encompass of various things. One can seek to deal with the chaos of common life like putting away their cell phone, rushing out from their hectic schedules, etc. They can prepare their dinner by using herbs cultivated in their own garden. Learning various calm, meditative skills like candle-making or crafts, or tending bonsai plants for survivalism. Some other measure that one can espouse to become self-sufficient are as follows:

Advantages of Self-Sufficient and Simple Living:

  • Bring sense of freedom to one’s life
  • Reduce your dependency on money
  • Reduce stressful work schedule
  • No impact of local or regional emergencies
  • Sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction,
  • Create a positive, healthy attitude.
  • Lead to learn various survival skills

One can get a variety of methods by reading self-sufficient and simple living blogs and article online. There are many dedicated website index on internet that can provide complete information on various methods one can espouse to become self-sufficient despite of lack of knowledge, space, time or money. Such blogs and article fosters caring advice on how one can become more self- sufficient and less dependent on economic system job market, government and any other system that seeks to control their individualistic autonomy. One should truly consider what values he holds and should develop them to become the best and self-sufficient they can be.

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  1. Thank you, I love the idea of living a self-sufficient and simple life, and always try to find the best content to reflect that. I think it’s important to go back to our roots and find ways to meet our basic needs without relying so much on technology and external resources. I would like to add that gardening and water conservation are also great aspects to consider in this lifestyle. Do you have any experience of living self-sufficient and simply? I’d love to hear your stories. Thanks again for your kind comment and support.

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