Shea Butter: One Ingredient, Many Uses

Shea Butter: One Ingredient, Many Uses

What can you use Shea Butter for? When it comes to skin and hair care, it might be easier to ask what it can’t be used for! With its outstanding moisturizing and healing properties, unrefined Shea Butter works wonders on its own or combined with other ingredients.

This creamy, natural substance, extracted from the nut-like seeds of the Shea or Karite tree, has been valued and used for centuries in Africa. If you have only recently discovered Shea Butter, and are wondering how best to experience its benefits, here are a few suggestions on how to use it:


Used in shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks, Shea Butter is perfect for restoring strength and shine to dry, damaged hair. Massaged into the head as a scalp treatment, it calms and moisturises itchy or flaky skin.


Shea Butter suits all skin types – even the most sensitive. Used in facial cleansers and moisturizers it smooths, softens and protects. Its unique mix of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants has been proven to stimulate skin cell regeneration, improve the skin’s elasticity and slow the effects of skin ageing.

It is easily absorbed by dry skin, and its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe and heal irritated or damaged skin. It cannot cure all skin problems, but many people have noticed improvements in eczema, acne and psoriasis when using Shea Butter. It even has its own built-in sunscreen, cinnamic acid, which absorbs some skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Men will find Shea Butter makes shaving easier and more comfortable and leaves their skin feeling smooth and supple.


Use in your bath to effortlessly moisturize your whole body, or apply as an after shower lotion. Pay special attention to patches of dry, rough skin – they will quickly become silky smooth!

Shea Butter will ease the soreness of sunburn and restores moisture to skin exposed to drying winds.

Keep some Shea Butter handy to dab on minor cuts, burns, grazes or bruises. It soothes as it promotes healing, and helps to prevent the formation of scars.

Used in massage creams, Shea Butter can help to ease tired muscles and aching joints. It sinks into the skin easily without leaving a greasy feel.

Using Shea Butter throughout pregnancy may help to prevent or minimize stretch marks. After baby arrives, it’s useful for preventing or treating cracked nipples. You can also share your Shea Butter with your baby. It’s safe and gentle enough to use on delicate, newborn skin.

Hands and Feet

Hardworking hands and feet need special care and that’s what Shea Butter gives them. It softens as it moisturizer and helps to protect against further skin damage. It’s also good for strengthening dry, brittle nails.

Once you’ve tried Shea Butter, perhaps in a hand or face cream, you’ll want to explore all its other uses. To enjoy its full benefits be sure to choose products labelled Natural, Unrefined Shea Butter. This is the best quality for skin care and will have been carefully produced by traditional methods to preserve its beneficial properties.

The Author:

Eileen Mngumi is the founder of Tausi Signature; a UK-based cottage industry producer of Shea Butter skin care products which promotes fair trade values. Shea Butter has amazing natural protective and skin healing properties which take it realms beyond any other moisturising product.

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