Simple Emergency Candle Making

Simple Emergency Candle Making

While many people rely on a flashlight in case the power goes out, those only provide light as long as their batteries last. Candles can provide a good alternative to have accessible in case of an emergency. A few basic items that you might already have around the house and some preparation time are all that is needed for candle making.

Please note: The investment cost varies. These items are generally available at craft stores, but people may already have some of them at home. There are many variations that can be utilized to make candles, but these items should provide all the necessary pieces. Start easy and experiment as you get comfortable with the process.

Supplies Needed to Make Candles

*Wax (Many options utilize wax flakes, although there are several varieties available you may also take spent candles or broken candles and chop them up with a knife.)


*Glass jars (Narrow jars work well with 1 wick, wider jars should use multiple wicks.)

*Wax melter or double boiler pan

*Gloves and other protective items to handle the hot wax

Steps involved in candle making

1. To be more efficient, it is often recommended to prepare the wicks ahead of time, cutting them and having them ready. When you cut them make sure to leave enough room to be able to tie it off on a stick or pencil and so that it reaches the bottom of the jar. Tie the wicks off on the pencils and dangle them in the center of the jar with the pencil keeping them in place.

2. Next some people just prefer to melt the wax in a double boiler pan others are more comfortable using a dedicated wax melter for temperature control. A simple double boiler is taking two different sized pans and boiling water in the larger one while setting the smaller one in the boiling water. The wax is melted in the smaller pan helping the wax to melt more evenly and safer. Once you have the wax ready to pour into the jar set the prepared jars in an easy to fill row.

3. Pour the wax into the jars making sure the wick stays centered and fill to about 1/4″ from the top. Allow the wax to cool completely then untie the wicks from the pencils and trim the wick to 1/2″ long. Now you can use the candle or even put lids on them and store for emergency situations of camping.

Safety Reminders for Burning Candles

Whether homemade or store bought, it is important to be safe when burning candles. Some things anyone with candles should consider:

• Candles should never be left unattended or used near combustible materials, near bed linens, on upholstered furniture or in an area with fumes.

• People with children should take extra precautions to make sure lighters and matches are not accessible and that they stay away from the open flame.

In case of an emergency, having candles accessible can provide valuable light. Using a few basic supplies, these candles can easily be made and home and put away until needed. If you are using old candles the actual cost is minimal but they can be extremely valuable when the lights go out.

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