Skin Care Acumen – 6 Proven Ways to Have Perfect Flawless Skin

Skin Care Acumen – 6 Proven Ways to Have Perfect Flawless Skin

Flawless skin and a radiant complexion is every women’s dream.  However, not many realize that this is directly influenced by how healthy your skin is. And healthy skin is a direct result of good skin care habits.

Here are 6 proven ways to help you get healthy, luminous and stunning skin and a dazzling complexion. The best part is most of them require minimal effort!

1. Use a Cleanser That Suits your Skin Type

Cleansing is the prime step of your skin care regimen and is the key for healthy skin. However, different skin types require different levels of cleansing actions. People with dry skin require a gentle moisturizing cleanser that cleans the skin without stripping off its natural lipids. Likewise, people with oily skin need a foaming cleanser.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

Accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin surface contribute to a variety of skin problems including acne, dry skin and dullness. This is why you should exfoliate regularly to remove the dead skin cells to achieve a more healthy complexion. Again, if you have dry skin, don’t exfoliate more than once a once a week but of you have oily skin then exfoliate about two to three times in a week.

3. Try Retinoid Skin Care Products

Retinoids, or even retinols, produce great benefits to the skin. They are derivatives of Vitamin A that rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, reducing lines and wrinkles, diminishing discoloration and clearing up acne.

4. Moisturize Effectively

One of the most common misconceptions people have is oily skin doesn’t require moisturization. However, nothing can be further from the truth. It is important to understand that moisture i.e. water and oil are two different things and even if you have oily skin, you need to use a moisturizer if you want to keep your skin well-hydrated. Choose a lightweight oil-free moisturizer but don’t skip it. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, use a rich creamy moisturizing formula.

5. Always Wear Sunscreens

Sunscreen is your best defense against any anti-aging concerns. Even if you use superb skincare products, sun exposure can damage the health and appearance of your skin. That is why you need to shield yourself against any kind of sun damage by using at least an SPF 30 sunscreen also, make sure your sunscreen contains broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

6. Eat a Healthy Diet

Skin care begins from the inside out. As much as you take care of your skin on the outside, it is important to nourish it on the inside as well. Therefore, eat a healthy diet including foods containing skin-boosting properties that are vital for the health of your skin. Vitamin C rich food help in collagen production. So eat lots of fruits like blackberries, blueberries and strawberries which are rich in antioxidant content, so they’re able to stave off free-radical damage. Salmon and walnuts contain essential fatty acids that helps also keep our skin healthy.

The Author:

Naomi Andrews is a professional esthetician and skin care expert. She writes several articles about dry skin care and sensitive skin care and informs women about the various nuances of skin care regimens.

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