Skin Care from Your Fridge

Skin Care from Your Fridge

Beauty awaits you. Not at the make-up counter. Not at the day spa. Not at the plastic surgeon. It awaits you… in your kitchen.

Your best skin care secrets can come from your diet secrets. After all, you are what you eat. So, in the words of Italian mothers everywhere… Mangia!

When it comes to eating for beauty, the rule is: the fresher, the better. Avoid processed foods whenever possible. The fresher your foods, the more nutrient packed. Keep that in mind when planning and preparing meals. Shop like the Europeans. Buy what you need for a few days, not an entire week. Cook things healthfully, eat from all food groups and vary your diet.

Eat Your Veggies

Fresh vegetables, when available, are preferable to canned or frozen. Raw produce has a greater concentration of vitamins and minerals. Less time at the stove, that‘s attractive.

All vegetables are beneficial. So, if canned is all you’ve got it’ll do. But remember to hit the market tomorrow. Green leafy vegetables are high in beta-carotene which is essential for healthy hair, eyes and skin. Sprouts prevent wrinkles and age spots. Include some on your dinner menu tonight.

Fresh Fruit are Great for You Any Time of Day

Sweeten up your breakfast, indulge in a fruity mid-day snack, have a healthy dessert. Cantaloupe is high in vitamins A and C, which promotes healing and controls oil on skin and scalp. Tomatoes (yes, they are a fruit) are packed with A (wrinkle and pimple fighter) and beta-carotene. Citrus fruits provide great doses of vitamin C.

Again, fresh is best. What a sweetly indulgent way to take care of yourself!

Proteins are Building Blocks

Turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, lean beef and soy all provide protein and B vitamins which support hair and nail health, and youthful skin. Prepared healthfully, they’ll satisfy your appetite and your form. Fish, like salmon and sardines, are full of protein and Omega 3 which promotes glowing skin.

Drink Water

Lots of water. It purifies you all the way down to your cells, and speeds the regeneration of damaged tissue. So, even if you aren’t at your best now, you soon can be.

Health and Happiness Equals Beauty

When you eat good foods, you’re nurturing your body. When you’re nurtured, you feel good. When you feel good, you smile. When you smile, you look good. So eat and enjoy your way to a healthier, happier, prettier you.

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Allison Saunders is a MAC qualified Make-up Artist.

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