Small Space Kitchen Storage Solutions

Small Space Kitchen Storage Solutions

The kitchen is a busy place where a lot happens. It is a room where a variety of ingredients and utensils, tools and accessories, all have to be brought together in order to produce the culinary creations that you will serve your family each evening. With all of those different disparate elements to keep track of, chaos can quickly ensue, causing your kitchen to become a dysfunctional place where it is almost impossible to work.

This is especially true in small kitchens where every inch of space is prime real estate, and needs to be used in the most efficient manner possible. Luckily this is a problem that has a solution, and a number of organizational structures and utilities have been created that can help to make the most of your space, by ensuring that everything has a proper place within the room.

Counter Organization

The counters are probably the most important elements in a kitchen. That is where the chef does all of their cooking, stirring, mixing and chopping. If your counters are cluttered with dozens of items that aren’t used on a daily basis, then you may find yourself with little or no room to work.

One thing you should do is assess you kitchen and determine exactly which items you need to keep the space functioning. If you only use a large utensil once or twice a year, consider removing it from the kitchen and placing it in a storage bin in a closet. As long as you are careful to label the bin and keep track of where everything is, you will be able to easily retrieve it whenever the occasion for its use arises.

There are also a variety of counter top organizational pieces which can be purchased. Items such as elevated dish racks and multi tiered storage bins will allow you to make use of the vertical space above your counters. You can also often install bins which will rest in between counters and cabinet bottoms, making use of what is often wasted air space. In some cases you may want to consider using your kitchen table as an extra surface for décor and functional pieces.

Cabinets and Drawers

Without organizational elements, your cabinets and drawers are just big empty boxes waiting to be filled with a random collection of pieces and loose ends. Luckily there are a variety of dividers and organizers that can allow you to separate the disparate elements in these spaces, giving you a clear view of where everything you need is.

Drawer dividers are very common and are often used to keep utensils such as spoons and knives separate from one another. Different sized dividers can be matched to different drawer spaces, based on the length and width, as well as the depth that is available. In some cases you will be able to fit multi tiered organizers in a single deep drawer, allowing you to make use of the vertical space available. There are also many stylish kitchen decorating options when it comes to drawer dividers.

With cabinets, it can be difficult to see items which are pushed to the back behind others. That is why lazy Susans are often popular features, as they allow you to rotate items such as spices or sauce jars, so that nothing is permanently relegated to the obscurity of the back.

Multi tiered racks or stacked shelves can also be used quite successfully in a kitchen cabinet. This allows you to see different items at different levels in order to get a glance of everything that is contained within the cabinet. There are also pull out drawers that will allow the entire content of the cabinet to be pulled out and visually inspected so that you can find exactly what you need.

In a small kitchen you have to make your space count. The more organized you are, the more that you will be able to comfortably fit in the space, without descending into cluttered chaos. Assess your kitchen with a discerning eye, and then choose the items that you absolutely have to leave within the space. After that you simply need to find a proper place for each of them, and then ensure that it is always returned to its home, in order to keep the kitchen orderly and functional.

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