The Traditional Way of Storing Onions

The Traditional Way of Storing Onions

There are lots of things that come to mind when we talk of storing onions. Especially due to the fact that they are prone to sprouting if the storage conditions are wrong. This results in seed-heads at the top of the bulb stem and also softening the bulb. Another problem is from the mold and mildew. In this article we are going to talk about the traditional way of storing onion bulbs. One of the simplest ways is stringing them. It is not that hard to do, right? Another thing about it is that it works pretty well too! Now, here is what you are going to do.

1. Get a string that is about five to six feet long. Knot both ends of the string, then fold it in the middle.

2. Form a loop at the lower part of the string around the neck of onion. To make it easier to do, you can opt to hang the string on any side of the wall.

3. Make sure that you tighten it securely around the neck of the onion. You don’t need to tie it again. The onion’s weight is sufficient already to hold it in its place in hanging.

4. How to lock each onion in place? The stem of the second onion must be woven around the string and pushed downwards.

5. Each onion must be woven to the string alternately in opposite directions from the beginning of the third onion until you are done doing it.

6. Remember not to tie too many onions. The string you use might break from tightening. When you are done, hang the onions with the string looped to it in a cool dry place.

Take good care the onions when handling them. You have to make sure that you do not bruise them or mark scratches as this will cause problems in storing.

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