Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberry Iced Tea

A Berry Delicious and Healthy Blend

Many tea lovers crave for newer products that can have many uses with extraordinary health benefits. There are many varieties of tea that have one of these characteristics that you can get in the market. For this reason, tea manufacturers continue to innovate. They never stop searching for new ideas to make tea more interesting to many.

Hence, The Tea Company Introduces Strawberry Tea

Strawberry is a savory fruit that comes from the Strawberry plant which is a member of the Rose family and grows in tropical regions around the world. There are many uses of the Strawberry fruit as well as the rest of the plant. It is chiefly used as food along with a few alternate uses. It is also commonly eaten as a raw fruit or made into jams, toppings or desserts. Its leaves can be useful for medicinal purposes and its oil can be used to scent candles and lotions. The most important use of the strawberry leaf is it can be infused to make a delicious strawberry tea.

Strawberry tea tastes nearly as delicious as the berry itself. It has a fruity and mild flavor. In order to prepare strawberry tea, use only the leaves by adding them in a cup of boiling water. It’s as simple as that. It is traditionally served during the summer and spring that is either in the early morning or afternoon. The brew can be drunk hot, iced or even frozen into popsicles. A great treat for kids. It’s safe even when it’s sweet because it is sweetened with honey instead of sugar.

How to Make Strawberry Iced Tea

1. Put some black tea into a bowl. Get a sieve and then press the strawberry into the bowl. Save 1-2 strawberry for decoration later. Mix up the leaves so they are covered in strawberry juices evenly. Set the bowl in order to dry it for 30 minutes.

2. When the leaves are dried. Pour 4 cups of water into a pot and boil it. Add the black tea that is scented with strawberry juices. Let it brew for 3 minutes. While waiting, cut the strawberries that are set aside into thin slice.

3. After, pour the tea into another bowl. Use the sieve to remove the leaves and add the lemon juice. Stir well and set it aside to cool down.

4. And lastly, fill 2-3 tall glasses with crushed ice. With each glass, pour the tea and decorate each glass with a few slice of strawberry and serve.

It’s very simple and easy to do. Plus, the result is a refreshing drink with a distinct strawberry taste.

Health Benefits of Strawberry Tea

Strawberry tea is not only refreshing, it has many health benefits that you can take full advantage of such as the following:

• Strawberry tea can help reduce the risk of cancer. It contains Ellagic acid which helps binds together cancer causing molecules to make them inactive.

• It can help reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart problems and heart attacks.

• It lessens joint pains and reduces inflammation with people suffering from arthritis and other conditions in the joint.

• It constitutes many nutrients and antioxidants that help lower the risk of chronic diseases.

• It’s packed with Vitamin C, K, B5, B6 and a high nutritional content of magnesium, folic acid, potassium, cooper and Omega-3.

Strawberry is one of the most rewarding tea drinks that tea lovers will surely appreciate. It has a great difference from the average tea. It leaves such a zesty taste that will leave you craving for more. Plus, it’s so easy to make and very affordable on the budget. Infuse your own blend of Strawberry tea today!

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