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Unfortunately, most people don’t have a ready sunburn blister treatment at hand when the need arises, and yet no one would argue that most of us have either had to deal with sunburn blisters personally, or we’ve had to suffer with and try to help our children as they have endured the agony and the long drawn out process of healing skin after severe sunburn.

In the case of sunburn blisters, which indicate at least 2nd degree sunburn, it is even more important to know what to do quickly to both ease the pain and promote the healing process.

Sunburn blisters are associated with 2nd and 3rd degree sunburns, which are considerably more serious that 1st degree burns where you have pain, redness, skin tenderness, and heat, but no blisters. With 1st degree burns, the skin will cool down and turn into a suntan, or possibly there may be some minor peeling. This is the most common form of sunburn, and most of us have one or two of these every summer.

The symptoms of 2nd degree sunburns are extreme redness, pain, swelling and usually blisters. The damage to the deeper layers of the skin extend deeper into the elastic fibers, and the small blood vessels. When the skin begins to heal, you will see wrinkling. Also in severe cases you may see fever, nausea, and chills. While these 2nd degree burns are painful for adults, they are extremely painful and dangerous for small children.

WARNING! 3rd Degree sunburns call for severe sunburn treatment and the care of a medical professional. The symptoms are extreme redness and pain, huge blisters, blisters over large portion of body, white areas within the sunburned area, and swelling. In 3rd degree sunburns you may also see fever, chills, and nausea. Do not waste time trying to use a home remedy for sunburn when 3rd degree sunburns are apparent. Immediately, seek the help of an Emergency Room or your family MD.

If your sunburn blisters are less than 2″ in diameter and they don’t cover a large portion of your body, and you don’t see white patches of skin within the sunburned areas, you can use an effective home remedy for sunburn as follows:

1. As soon as you realize that you are sunburned, start drinking fluids. The very fact that you are sunburned means that your body is dehydrated. Drink water, chicken broth, and sports drinks like Gatorade. You need to balance your electrolytes.

2. Either take a cool oatmeal bath, a cool low-pressure shower, or apply cool compresses to the sunburned areas. Make the compresses from an old towel or some other soft material; gently lay (do not rub) the compresses on the sunburned skin. Do not use cold, warm, or hot water for any of these cooling treatments. If you can take the bath, soak for about thirty minutes. Relief should be apparent within the thirty minutes. Continue with the baths for several days.

3. Leave the any blisters intact. Resist the urge to pop or break them. Thankfully, the blisters form a protective layer, which not only helps the sunburned skin heal faster, but they also cut down on the opportunity for infection.

4. To prevent a secondary infection, gently wash the sunburned skin with an antibacterial soap.

5. Apply an aloe-based light lotion or jell to the damages sunburned areas. Do not apply any petroleum-based products, butter, oil or heavy creams, as these will only trap the heat and drive the burn deeper, and could eventually lead to infection. If no aloe-based product is available, leave the skin exposed to the air, and apply the aloe as soon as possible. The aloe will both sooth the skin and relieves the itching.

6. Do not peel the skin prematurely as this could also lead to infection. Just let the sunburned layers slough off naturally without help.

While there is no instant sunburn cure, this comprises the proven at-home sunburn blister treatment, and while you can expect to be dealing with the aftermath of sunburn for approximately seven days, these six steps should both ease the pain and help speed along the healing process.

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