Sunny Day – Meditation Exercise

Begin by imagining yourself outside in your favorite place in nature. It could be a relaxing tropical beach, it could be a flourishing old garden, or maybe a peaceful forest. Choose a location that feels good for you.

Now I’d like you to imagine the sky, what colors can you see there. Are there clouds. If yes what shapes are the clouds making. Do you hear any sounds, are there waves or maybe a gurgling stream. What about animals, or the sound of wind blowing. Concentrate on all the sights and sensations that you feel.

Imagine the sun, the warm bright dazzling sun, close your eyes and feel the heat of the sun as it touches your skin. Now I’d like you to move the heat from the sun to other parts of your body. As you feel the heat on your skin I’d like you to let that area of your body relax.

Move the sun over your face, feel the heat on your cheeks and your nose. Let the heat melt away any tension you are holding in your face. Let the muscles of your face relax and enjoy the warm sensation of the sun touching your skin.

Now move the light down into your throat area. Feel your neck muscles relax and loosen. Enjoy the feeling of your body relaxing under the warm sensation of the sunlight. Move the sun across your shoulder area, release all tension held in your shoulders and let them relax and become heavy.

As you relax you feel more and more comfortable in your surroundings, all your stress melts away and you feel good for taking some time out for yourself. Let the sun move down over your arms now, as it moves down it draws all the stress down and out of your arm, feel the tingling in your fingertips as your muscles relax and your tension trickles away through your fingers into the warm ground underneath.

You move the sun back to your chest and stomach area. Release all those tight little knots and let the sun light flood in until it feels like your whole body is filled with a warm glow. Your body is glowing so much that it begins to feel like the sunlight is coming from the inside instead of the outside.

You look down at your chest and see the light growing brighter and brighter. You realize that this is no longer sunlight that is relaxing your body but your own internal light shining out and rejuvenating everything it touches.

As you light rejuvenates you from the inside the sunlight shines down and relaxes and warms you from the outside until it feels like you are surrounded by a large bubble of warm, bright light. As the light gets brighter you feel energy flooding into your body, all your tensions and worries are gone to be replaced by this bright blinding light filled with hope and energy.

As the light fades and the sun sets you get up from your own special comfortable place and leave this area to go back to your own life. I’d like you to take with you the warm light and the feeling of energy that it has brought you, and remember whenever you wish to come back to this place and feel the sunlight again all you have to do is close your eyes and create it.

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