Ten Ways to Become More Self Sufficient

Self Sufficient

People have many reasons for wanting to become more self sufficient. Some want to save money; some fear what may come in the future, and some just like being able to do things for themselves. Here are several ways that you could become more self sufficient.

1. Grow a Vegetable Garden

This is a great way to reduce your dependence on the food system. Many vegetables are imported, and should there be a disruption of shipping, vegetables may become more expensive or harder to find. Even a small patch of yard can produce quite a few vegetables if used efficiently. If you don’t have a yard, you could try growing a few vegetables in a window-box garden, growing your own sprouts, or even growing mushrooms. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try growing fruit trees, or your own grain.

2. Start a Home Based Business

You can buffer yourself against some of the effects of an economic downturn by diversifying your income. You don’t have to quit your job, or even be considering quitting your job to start a home based business. Find a hobby that you enjoy doing that you could make money at such as soap making or selling books online. Should it become necessary, the hobby could be expanded into a full time job.

3. Learn How to Cook from Scratch

This will reduce your dependence on processed food and takeout and can save you a lot of money. The food that you eat will be healthier and probably taste better as well. It will also help you use your vegetable garden to it’s fullest capacity.

4. Learn How to Preserve Food

Again, you can reduce your dependence on processed food. You will also be able to control the ingredients that go into your food more easily. Any excess from your vegetable garden can be used efficiently, and you can also make use of neighbors’ excesses and the occasional windfall of a large amount of produce from somewhere.

5. Learn to Take Care of Your Vehicle

Even if it’s only to change your own oil, this allows you to take some of the responsibility of caring for your own car. Learn basic maintenance to save yourself money

6. Learn Basic Household Maintenance

Being able to repair basic plumbing problems, or basic electrical problems can save you a lot of money and allow you to rely on yourself much of the time.

7. Create Your Own Water Cachement System

A cistern or a rain barrel system can be of huge use should the local water system fail temporarily. If you’re on a water metre This can also save you quite a bit when watering your garden.

8. Exercise

Perhaps not as self evident as the others, Exercising to maintain your health can allow you a reduced dependence on the medical system.

9. Create Your Own Energy System

Large or small scale, this can help you be self reliant in the case of a power outage. A solar or wind system can also help you save money on your electric bill. Even a micro-system to allow you to charge batteries would be helpful in a prolonged power outage and would save money on batteries.

10. Learn How to Produce Necessities

Knowing how to produce soap, make a diaper, make cheese and a myriad of other skills can be invaluable. If you know how to make something yourself, it becomes your choice whether or not you want to rely on someone else to make it. You can save money by doing yourself and even use your new skill in a home based business should you choose to.

Even a small action can make you more self sufficient. Take just a single one of these suggestions and begin learning about it, and you’re on the road toward more self sufficiency.

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