Blister on The Finger

Blister on The Finger

As we all know if skin is exposed to hot objects or fire, it will burn. To understand the severity of a burn one needs to evaluate the size of the burn and the nature of the contact with the hot object or fire.

It is quite possible that hot fluid burns occur over a patch. This will happen not only if the hot fluid has fallen on the skin in large amounts, patches also form if hot liquids fall in spots, or even if the fluid has bubbled or splashed onto the skin.

The problem behind such burns is that burns of this sort cause blisters on the skin. This happens when the layer which is underneath the top layer of skin gets damaged by the burn.

A medicine professional will tell you that the top layer usually comes off easily and quickly to be replaced by the layer below it. But when this lower layer is damaged blisters can appear on the skin.

Fairly common are blisters that occur on fingers due to slight burns of this sort. Examples of such accidents include excessively hot water or oil splashing onto the fingers.

When treating a finger blister there are various things that we should consider. The first thing to do when you burn your finger is to immediately wash the burnt area with cold running water. Washing the fingers or the area with the burn will remove the remaining hot oil or water and will soothe the skin.

Once you see that a blister has appeared it is better that you clean the area and let the blister heal on its own.

Self healing is usually the best home remedy as no specific treatment has been designed for a finger blister caused by burning.

It is possible that after the burn and blister formation the person could be in pain, to soothe this pain ice can be used in a compress.

It is also advisable that the person apply some kind of topical burn cream. These are easily available over the counter.

Care should however, be taken so as to avoid physical injury to the blister. Rupturing the blister will cause additional discomfort and pain and in addition to this there will also be an added risk of an infection developing at the site.

You can judge if the blister is infected if you see that the blister is dark or discolored. This is indicative of an infection in the blister.

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