The Five-Minute Beauty Regimen

The Five-Minute Beauty Regimen

Life today can get pretty hectic. Sometimes it seems like there is no way to look your best when you are on the go. Women today have so many roles to fill that it can be exhausting to keep up, much less take time out to apply make up. However, there are a few beauty tips that can significantly reduce the amount of time that you need to get ready in the morning. And these tips are easy to touch up throughout the day whenever you have a minute or two.

For instance, a concealing stick or a bit of powder is a sure shot solution for dark spots and blemishes. It does not’t take long to apply, especially if you are working on specific areas only. Just make sure you use a product that closely matches your natural skin color. If you have red eyes, use Visine drops that can be used with contact lenses as well.

Do not hide your eyes with thick layers of eye shadow and mascara. Simply choose a color that complements your outfit and apply just one layer of mascara. If you do not even have time for the eye shadow, just apply quick mascara that will highlight your eyes.

It is a good idea to use lipgloss instead of lipstick. It gives a soft look to lips, without fading or smearing noticeably, and you can reapply without a mirror if you need to. It helps to accent your lips naturally, making you feel better about yourself. You may want to try a flavored gloss for a more fun and flirty look and feel.

Hair is one of those things that just takes a little longer to do. If you are pressed for time, you can just pull it back with clips. Have hairpins available as well as clips. There are even accessories that allow you put your hair up in less than 30 seconds. Use non-stick hairspray to secure fly-aways.

Get into the habit of taking a shower at night. It saves time in the morning. The Japanese do this to wash away the filth of the day. You can do it to save a few precious minutes in the morning. Then, all you have to do in the morning is give it a run-through with the brush if you do not want to put it up.

Do not forget to smell fresh and professional. Use a light and pleasing body spray or perfume. Remember, you must not use very strong body scents since they can get too over bearing. Moreover, there are people who are allergic to certain body scents and perfumes.

This five-minute beauty regimen can do the trick. It will help you enhance your natural look. So, stop trying to redefine yourself every morning. Instead, use these simple tricks that highlight your strengths and conceal your weaknesses. You can look composed and professional and exude an air of confidence.

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