The Fruitarian Diet

The Fruitarian Diet

Fruit is the most beautiful food on the planet. The variety of fruits on Earth is so massive it boggles the mind. Often people ask me if I feel limited eating a raw-food/fruitarian diet. I always respond by telling them 99.9% of all food on Earth is raw plant food! Fruit is our most natural food. It is the food we are attracted to most in its raw natural state. We define a fruit as a food which contains the seed(s) within it for regeneration and propagation of the plant.

A raw-food/fruitarian diet makes you beautiful and pure inside and out. It leads to the clearest use of your mind — it greatly enhances your mental abilities.

In my book: Nature’s First Law: The Raw-Food Diet I wrote: “Every fruit has its secret.” Once you are completely cleaned out of cooked-food residue and toxicity, you become attuned to special powers available in certain fruits! The durian fruit has an extreme smoothness and cleanness to it in the way it is metabolized in your body. It makes everything run smoothly and clearly and warms up the body in colder weather. Dates too, may warm you up in cold weather. Dates are a great food for endurance and long walks. Apples are a “clean-out food,” they clear everything out as they go through. Mangos transport you into the ecstatic state of summer fun. Bananas make you feel like a wild primate!

How To Eat Fruit And How Much?

Ideally, it is best to eat just one type of fruit at a time (mono-diet) and to wait 45 minutes until the next type of food goes in. You might want to eat 5 apples in the morning and nothing else or choose to eat cucumbers only for lunch! When you are eating a mono-diet, your body will give you a clear signal when to stop eating. Your appetite will turn off or you will suddenly feel you have eaten too much. Typically the fruit will actually change taste on you and won’t taste as good! At that point listen to your body and stop eating! If you combine foods, the signal as to when to stop eating is not as clear, and you must discipline yourself.

If you overeat raw food or fruit or even cooked food remember the reasons why most people overeat: suppressed emotional issues and a lack of deep breathing. If you overeat, go outside and take 10-15 deep breaths! Or breathe deeply at night instead of eating — if you have problems in that area.

Hybrid Fruit

Unfortunately the quality of fruit available in most commercial supermarkets is less than excellent. The fruit is biologically weak: it has not picked up the minerals from the soil properly, its sugar are too high, if left to Nature the insects, worms, and bacteria would wipe it out quickly. Many fruits today have been hybridized: they have been genetically or biologically tampered with. For example, most orange trees are actually two orange trees in one. The roots are of one type and the stem and leaves are of another type. They are grafted together. This leads to a fruit which is has an improper balance — it is confused. The fruit may be seedless or the seeds may not be viable.

What to do? Seek out high-quality organic fruit grown from non-hybridized plant strains or better yet grow your own fruit trees from seed or even seek out wild fruits. The best way to determine if a fruit is too hybridized is to examine its seeds. If the fruit is seedless, do not eat it or at least be very frugal when eating it. Seedless fruit actually should not be eaten — you will become more and more sensitive to this as you become internally cleaner and cleaner. If the fruit has seeds, try planting them. If they grow, the fruit, even if hybridized, still has enough natural vitality to be excellent nourishment.

Farmers and biologists have noted that after several generations of hybridization a most interesting event occurs. The hybrid strain will either die out — it will have lost its vitality — or it will revert back into a more primal form — a seedless strain can suddenly start producing viable seeds! I had the most incredible experience the other day. I was juicing a pineapple for a friend and I discovered the pineapple contained seeds! This is the first time I had ever seen this. Pineapples are hybrid fruits many of us have eaten, at least occasionally, our whole life. How many times have you discovered seeds in the pineapple? After many generations of hybridization we see the pineapple reverting back and now seeding!

One final note: hybrid sweet fruit is still better for you than cooked food!

Is Fruit Too Sweet?

Most fruits on Earth are not sweet fruits! It is important to include in your fruitarian diet a host of non-sweet fruits such as avocados, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cranberries, lemons, limes, squash, corn, zucchini, okra, etc. These foods provide heavier minerals and are soft on the body. Ideally, they should constitute at least 50% of your diet.

Tooth Trip

Are fruits bad for your teeth? The internal condition of the body is the best indicator as to the health of the teeth. If teeth are bad, there is an internal disruption in the body, and we need to bring in more calcium in the form of green-leafy salads and green juices, as Dr. Shelton has pointed out in his great book: “The Science And Fine Art Of Nutrition.”

There is a great misconception that fruits are bad on the teeth. Why the myth of poor teeth on a fruitarian diet? The clue I picked up from Johnny Lovewisdom’s book: “Spiritualizing Dietetics: Vitarianism.” He attacks nuts and seeds viciously as being the cause of teeth problems in fruitarians, not fruit. I’ve noticed that myself. Nuts leave an acid ash and are high in phosphorous which must be balanced with calcium (found abundantly and usable in greens). If you eat lots of nuts and seeds, you should also eat plenty of greens. If they are not balanced the phosphorous will eventually acidify the body and leech calcium from the bones, especially the jaw and teeth — the body is signaling the mouth to stop taking in food, especially the nuts and seeds. Another important point appropriate here is that raw animal foods too leave an acid ash and are high in phosphorous, just like nuts and seeds. If they are not balanced off with greens (calcium) they’ll decalcify the teeth over the long term.


Fruit makes you active so that the tree’s or plant’s purpose is furthered: you eat fruit, get active, and run around spreading the seeds far and wide. The more sedentary (stationary) you are throughout the day, the more vegetables and non-sweet fruits you should eat; the more active you are, the more sweet fruits you should eat.

Get out and have fun in the sun, that is the underlying message of the fruitarian diet. Enjoy life to the max! Achieve your maximum potential by becoming a finely tuned instrument!

My Personal Diet

I am probably the most networked raw-foodist/fruitarian in the world today. I speak with raw-foodists and fruitarians from all over the world nearly every day. I have noticed a fascinating pattern in the dietary of the raw-foodists I have read about or met.

Generally, all raw-foodists/fruitarians eat out of three classes of foods: fruits, green-leafed vegetables, and fatty foods (avocados, nuts, coconuts, seeds, bananas, durians, dried olives, etc.). If one goes without one of these classes of foods for a long period of time, problems may arise — the body will signal you to eat from what is missing through instinctive desire. I have concluded these three classes of foods are the real essentials of the human diet. I too, eat out of these three classes of foods.

The percentages of foods in my diet is governed totally by instinct. Some days I eat all fruit, some days I munch on mouthfuls of wild greens. I generally eat about 80 to 90% fruit of all different varieties. I eat nuts and seeds in moderation. I have gone 3 months on a diet of 100% fruit. Generally, fruit and raw plant food has too much nutrition, so I fast one day a week, sometimes more. I try to eat as much wild food as I can. Wild food contains by far the highest energy and nutritional content.

Nature’s Master Plan

Invest your Life
In every fruit,
Whose secret is unknown.
Your destiny
You shall see
In the fruit trees you have grown.

Eat the fruit and launch it far,
Out the window of a car!
Spread more Life,
As much as you can:
Fulfill Nature’s master plan.

Our fate is aligned:
With the fruit of the vine,
With the fruit of the tree,
With fruit that grows
Next to the sea.

Love your food,
It all begins
With a fruit seed simply sown.
Nothing by chance;
It’s a reflected dance of
Fruit seeds that you’ve thrown.

Fruit is your food —
Dispel each myth.
Align your fate, entwine it with:
Sumptuous fruit,
The deepest tan.
Fulfill Nature’s master plan.

A fruit tree,
For those who see,
Is greater than any throne.
It’s enchanting wealth
Can’t be found
In any castle made of stone.

Fruit reveals the truth:
It frees the best in you.
Doing what you do best
Is best for Nature too!

Fun and family,
Life without need,
Spreading the vibrant, vital seed.
This is Life, at it’s most.
Bring enchantment to every coast.

Propagate fruit
Far and wide.
Let Earth flower
On every side.
Take the seed
And hurl it far,
‘Till it reach
The farthest star.

A call to you
As woman, man:
Fulfill Nature’s master plan.

David Wolfe © 1997

The Author:

David Wolfe is the author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, the premier book on the subject of living foods. He has also co-authored Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet. He is the co-founder of Nature’s First Law, the world’s premier source of living-food recipe books, raw philosophy books, juicers, and raw organic plant foods.

David Wolfe operates healing and detoxification retreats in various locations around the world including the historic Eden Hot Springs Ranch in Arizona.

Reprinted with permission

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