The Language of Flowers: What They Mean (C)


All flowers have a meaning. The Victorians used to use flowers as a symbol to express their feelings. Here is a list of different flowers and their meanings.

Flower Meanings (A)Flower Meanings (B)Flower Meanings (C) Flower Meanings (D-J)Flower Meanings (K-Z)

Cactus — Meaning: Endurance; Warmth

Calendula — Meaning: Joy

Camellia — Meaning: Admiration; Perfection; Good luck; Gift to man

Candytuft — Meaning: Indifference

Carnation – (In General) – Meaning: Bonds of affection; Health and energy; Fascination; Woman love (Pink) – Meaning: I’ll never forget you (Purple) – Meaning: Capriciousness; Whimsical; Changeable (Red) – Meaning: My heart aches for you; Admiration (Solid Color) – Meaning: Yes (Striped) – Meaning: No; Refusal; Sorry I can’t be with you; Wish I could be with you (White) – Meaning: Sweet and lovely; Innocence; Pure love; Woman’s good luck gift (Yellow) – Meaning: Rejection; Disdain

Cattail — Meaning: Peace; Prosperity

Chamomile — Meaning: Patience; Attracts wealth

Chrysanthemum — (In General) – Meaning: Cheerfulness; You’re a wonderful friend (Red) – Meaning: I love (White) – Meaning: Truth (Yellow) – Meaning: Slighted love

Coreopsis — Meaning: Always cheerful

Coriander — Meaning: Lust

Cowslip — Meaning: Pensiveness; Winning Grace

Crocus — Meaning: Cheerfulness; Abuse not

Cyclamen — Meaning: Resignation and goodbye

Clover — Meaning: Good luck

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Flower Meanings (A)Flower Meanings (B)Flower Meanings (C) Flower Meanings (D-J)Flower Meanings (K-Z)

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