The Moon Cup – A Reusable Menstrual Cup

The Moon Cup - A Reusable Menstrual Cup

It seems that every day we are moving forward towards more “Green Alternatives”. Whether it is changing our homes into green houses, using those reusable grocery shopping bags, stainless steel water bottles, organic clothing, hybrid vehicles and more; we are making progress in becoming more conscious on how our behaviors affect our health and the balance of our planet.

On my last trip to Europe, I discovered a phenomenal product that has change the way I see the natural process called Menstruation. Intrigued and fascinated by this reusable menstrual cup given to me on my birthday, I began to look further into the concept of an earth-friendly, comfortable and convenient alternative to cotton or paper-based tampons or pads.

In a lifetime, each woman throws away almost 17 shopping carts full of menstrual products. Multiply that by the number of women using disposable products and the figures will shock you. Pads, tampons, their packaging and applicators either end up as garbage, sewage or landfills. More than half of the tampons and applicators go down the toilet, often directly into oceans and rivers, causing problems on the beaches as well as health complications for marine life.

Health Concerns

With deodorized, scented, chlorine-bleached tampons, mini-pads, maxi-pads, regular, thin, super absorbent night pads among many other commercial options of distinct shapes and colors, many women have assumed that there are safety standards for products such as these. Research led me into concluding that, in reality, there are no enforced requirements, no minimal standards for safety. With toxic-shock syndrome still a concern and the carcinogenic dioxins potentially in any bleached products, this deserves more serious scientific research and may motivate women to learn more about the products they are using, how they affect their bodies and potentially change current habits. Becoming more aware of this constant flow of information by the media in regards to your periods and how you should feel about being a menstruating female should be revised. Changing the way you look at this natural process called menstruation will liberate women from all different psychological and physical issues experienced every month.

We not only need to change products in order to become more environmentally conscious but a change how we perceive our menses is imperative.

What are the options? Going back to what our grandmothers used to use like rags and strips of cloth to be washed and reused later? This is not the case. There are several greener options available. The reusable menstrual cups The Moon Cup and The Keeper are great alternatives. Using these menstrual cups you will be switching from a mind set of: ‘Need to discard this “mess” to a changed perception accepting the reality of a natural part of being a woman. No need to add freaky chemicals and fragrances that will only create health problems in the future. It is time to celebrate being a woman without the negative thoughts about the menstruation.

The Options:

The Keeper:

This is a soft, natural rubber (latex) menstrual cup that is worn internally that catches and holds menstrual blood. It is easily removed, long-lasting and reinserted, and has no health risk. Not only does it have a positive impact on the environment, but it will save hundreds of dollars in other commercial sanitary products.

The Moon Cup:

This cup is like The Keeper, however is made of medical grade silicone. This is a great option for those who are not latex fans.

While some women use natural sponges, which the safety of this approach is still unknown since these sponges might come from polluted oceans, others use pads made of organic cotton contributing to the direct pollution of our environment. In comparison to the above, the use of menstrual cups is still the best alternative.

When at work, women find the menstrual cup easy to use. The Moon Cup and The Keeper both come with a small handmade bag making it easy when traveling. For those women who are physically active or those who are athletes, these menstrual cups can even be used during swimming and can be worn up to 12 hours.

Many women are finding The Moon Cup and The Keeper a comfortable and effective alternative to conventional sanitary products. There are several reusable menstrual cups in the market and one the things that sets The Moon Cup and The Keeper apart it’s the fact that is manufactured in United States and still preserves its very initial washing instructions which recommend women to NOT boil the product since it will decrease the life and integrity of the menstrual cup. These menstrual cups can last many years with proper care. Other brands will advice customers to boil their menstrual cups ignoring the ecological impact this causes.

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