The Oils Needed to Make Perfume

Perfume Making

Perfumes have been around for centuries. People extract the oils from plants and animals the mix this with water and alcohol to create the right scent that people will want to wear.

There are many different manufacturers in the world market. Some use the same ingredients while others have certain secrets which helps to differentiate one brand from another.

The most important ingredient in creating your own perfume is the essential oils. Each one has a different chemical composition so those who want to start perfume making have to know the difference between a base, middle, top and bridge notes.

There are books and other related information on the Internet as well as kits that come with an instructional manual and other things inside that will be needed for mixing and storing the finished product.

The first step in perfume making is the combination of the oils. You should first mix a few drops each of the essential oils. It must always have a correct percentage of base, middle and top note.

It may not smell that good yet and that is why the next type of essential oil is needed. This is known as the bridge note that blends everything together to create the perfect scent.

After the essential oils have been mixed, it is the time to pour alcohol into the mixture. Some manufacturers have also used an Everclear beverage that is also works as an alcohol base.

The general rule when combining essential oils with alcohol is that a maximum of 20 drops must be administered for every 4 ml. of alcohol.

The final step in creating your perfume making is to add water. Once again, the vessel containing all the ingredients should be briskly shaken for everything to mix together well.

The perfume should be stored in a colored bottle to prevent it from being exposure to light. After two days, the contents can then be placed in a sprayer bottle so that it can be used.

You also have the option of storing it for a longer period of time should you wish. It is best to check on the scent from time to time to make sure nothing is amiss. If you are are not satisfied add a little more oil into the fragrance and wait for a few more days for it to settle in.

Those who do this properly will notice that the scent will stay longer on the skin as some will just disappear within a few minutes.

There are various methods in making perfumes and this will really depend on the taste of the person developing it. Those who want it to last longer can pour more of a base essential oil rather than the middle or top. The important thing is that the person should follow the proper steps in making this happen.

A valuable tip when working with essential oils is to keep clear notes on everything. You will surely make some mistakes along the way but reviewing each stage will make it easy to narrow down where the error was committed.

Perfume making is always a lot of fun. There are many different oils and the only way to get it right is through trial and error.

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