The Top 10 Quick Stock-Ups for Your Home That Will Simplify Your Life

The Top 10 Quick Stock-Ups for Your Home That Will Simplify Your Life

Ever find yourself wishing you had something that seems like an item you should already have lying around the house? It happens to many homeowners, and often at the worst possible times. To prevent yourself from getting stuck in a situation that could have been easily prevented – pick up these simple items on your next shopping trip to ensure that you’re always prepared for what lies ahead:

1. There’s nothing worse than putting away laundry only to realize that you’re short five to ten hangers mid-process. Right then, you’re left with a laundry basket full of clothes waiting to wrinkle. Even if you store the hangers off to the side of your closet or even in a bin overhead/underneath – you’ll be sure never to be left high and dry during laundry day again.

2. Speaking of laundry day, another helpful tool to always have around is a spray bottle full of clean water. Spray bottles are great to mist down dress clothes that may have become wrinkled in a drawer or smashed in your closet. By misting them down and throwing them in the dryer or hanging them in a steamed bathroom – you’ll be able to knock the wrinkles out in no time.

3. It’s always a great idea to have batteries around the house in various sizes. Any store like Target or Wal-Mart should sell a large battery variety pack that will truly be an investment for your home. Between remotes, chargers, and toys – you never know when you’ll be in a pinch for a new set of batteries.

4. Make sure that your home has a working flashlight and it’s in an easy to access location. Whether it’s during a power outage or you need to shine some light under your stove to find the bottle cap that’s slid under there – you’ll find multiple uses for a good, working flashlight & it will certainly come in handy in emergencies.

5. If you live alone or even in an apartment, it’s a great idea to invest in a simple tool kit. Having a variety of screwdrivers, a hammer, and pliers around the house will help you to tackle simple home improvement projects without having to use a butter knife as a screw driver.

6. Another great item to have around is a bottle of odor eliminator. Whether you have guests coming over and need to freshen up or your pet has had an accident on the rug and you don’t want to just cloud the air with spray freshener – an odor eliminator will help you keep your home truly clean, not just smelling like it.

7. Investing in a bottle of a “sticky substance remover” can definitely come in handy in a pinch. Specially formulated cleaners meant to remove tape residue, glues, or other hard to remove substances can help you clean remnants off of a wall or table.

8. Clear storage bins are something that you can always find a good use for. Whether you’re cleaning out drawers, looking for some extra storage, or you plan on using them as organizing devices – they’re great to inexpensively stock up on to have for a quick fix.

9. Aside from the tool kit, make sure you stock up on some small nails and even some mounting strips for hanging pictures and other decorative pieces on your wall. If you’re constantly hanging things up or find yourself changing your wall’s decorative layout often – having extras of these lying around will certainly save you a headache down the road.

10. Finally, keeping your medicine cabinet up to date will certainly keep you from ending up in a bad situation. Buying a larger bottle of aspirin will prevent you from running out at the worst possible time. Stock up on health basics to ensure you’re prepared for any type of health emergency.

By making some of these small purchases next time you go out to do the shopping, you’ll prevent that “kicking yourself” feeling when you go to reach for one of these and discover it’s not there. They may seem like small investments – but their usages are important and you’ll certainly be glad you thought and planned ahead.

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