One of The Best Tomato Growing Tips: Companion Planting

One of The Best Tomato Growing Tips: Companion Planting

Pests are an ongoing problem when growing tomatoes as most home gardeners have experienced if they have tried to grow any tomatoes at all.

So how can this problem be sorted out? One method is to use the organic style control called companion planting and another method is to use chemical sprays. When using the organic method there are two benefits because you help keep the pests at bay, but you also can eat the plants that you use.

Pest Problems for Tomato Plants Are:

– Aphids

– White fly

– Hornworms

– Insects

– Red spider mite

– Flies and mosquitoes

Although these certain pests just love tomato plants there are other plants that will drive them away.

Tomato Growing Tips for Companion Planting

What I really do enjoy about companion planting is the fact that two jobs are being taken care of at the same time. You are giving your tomatoes a good chance to produce fine, luscious fruit, but you are also growing other plants which can be used in the kitchen as well.

Here is a List of The Most Popular Companion Plants for Tomatoes:

– Garlic which repels red spider mites. Crushed garlic is also made into a concentrated spray to spray straight onto the leaves to repel aphids, whitefly and deter fungus growth.

– Marigolds are well known for their ability to repel the white fly which is a major pest in the tomato garden. There are two types of marigold plants, the Mexican Marigold and the French Marigold. The latter has the added benefit of exuding a substance from their roots which kills nematodes in the immediate area.

– Basil which most cooks know is a wonderful herb to use in the kitchen and it repels thrips, mosquitoes and flies in the tomato patch. This herb is absolutely beautiful served with fresh tomatoes, so what more could you ask for in a companion plant.

– Borage is very popular because it deters that horrible fat greet hornworm which can make a meal out of the tomato plant in no time at all. Tomato gardeners say that borage also enhances the flavor of tomatoes grown nearby. The borage will self seed and be there for transplanting to the next tomato patch next year.

Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Many of the plants that are used in companion planting also add nutrients to the soil that aid in making the tomato plant very healthy and many tomato growing enthusiasts say that the flavor of their tomatoes is enhanced using this pest control method.

Rotating crops in the garden is also a great way to reduce the pest problem. Be sure when rotating the tomato growing patch that plants of the same family (potatoes, peppers and eggplant) are not being planted to replace them as these plants attract the same pests as the tomato plant.

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Growing tomatoes can be challenging but when you have read how to plant them and how to maintain them you can reap luscious tomatoes for months.

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