Toners to Maintain Your Skin Tone

Toners to Maintain Your Skin Tone

Our skin constitutes of skin cells (multiple layers), skin pores, hair follicles and skin proteins. The amounts of these constituents together decide the type, texture and complexion of our skin. In the following article, we will be dealing with the skin pores.

Skin pores are little spaces between the skin cells and are not visible by naked eye. These pores play an important role in perspiration and as entry points for any kind of creams, lotions or oils we apply on the skin. Also the proteins and sebum released by our body reach the skin surface through these pores. So, it is very essential that we always keep the skin pores clean as clogging of these definitely manifests into negative skin issues. Originally an optimum amount of pores are present on the skin surface. With time due to effect of certain harmful environmental factors (pollution or over exposure to UV rays) can lead to increased pore size or open skin pores. Hormonal changes in the body might also lead to the problem of open pores.

Treat Open Pores Timely

Open pores or increased number of skin pores generally make the skin more prone to infections as they act like easy entry ports for the microbes. Also increased pores mean increased oil or sebum on the skin surface. This makes the skin prone to acne, pimples, black heads and skin infections. Skin with open pores becomes more dry and sensitive. Thus, it becomes necessary to first regulate the skin pores in their original and optimum condition. Secondly, if you face the problem of open skin pores make sure to get it treated timely and avoid any further harm to your skin’s health.

Tone Your Skin

The number of pores on the skin’s surface cannot be reduced. It is possible to keep the skin taut which thus reduces the problem of open pores. Toners are a great solution for those with open pores. Toners are mild solutions which help resurface the skin and reduce pore size. Thus give you smooth and evenly toned skin. Toners also help reduce skin sensitivity and proneness to acne.

These are gentle solutions with main ingredients like acetone, glycolic and salicylic acid. These are added in concentration which is gentle for the skin and effectively reduces the pore size as well. Daily use helps resurface the skin and improve the skin texture. Toners are non creamy and can be easily applied with cotton balls evenly over the facial skin after cleansing. These days ready to use toning pads (Skin Care Heaven Resurfacing Toning Pads) are also available. Toners for improving the skin texture have made life easy for many facing the problem of open pores and acne. You need to use your toning pad or solution twice daily after cleansing your face.

To conclude, adequate care at proper time can help you retain the original youth and well being of your skin. Know your skin and analyze its needs. Some simple steps taken daily for your skin can help you fight major skin issues with ease.

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