Top 10 Causes of Allergies

Allergies are the outcomes of the attack of the allergens on our body. In simple words, allergies are caused by the allergens. Allergies are considered to be the one of the most common diseases that are affecting the humans. In the life time every human at least suffers from the allergies once. Allergies are not severe diseases but, can turn into the troublesome nature if the care is not taken at the preliminary stage. Allergies are caused when the allergens in the atmosphere react with your body. Immune system of your body immediately comes in action and releases the histamines that in turn cause the allergic reaction. Allergies can be caused of anything in the atmosphere, from what you eat, from what you drink, etc. The allergy can be caused by the anything that stimulates your immune system and makes it release the histamines that are not needed and these in turn cause the allergies.

Here, are the main causes of the allergies.

1. Pollen grains from trees, plants, and grasses

Pollen grains are released from the trees, plants, and grasses during the pollination period. The pollination takes place with the help of air as a medium. When these pollens move from one plant to another through the air, there is a high chance of inhalation of these pollens by the humans. As a result, these pollens enter the human body thorough the nose, ear, eyes, or mouth and cause the allergies. These allergies are usually caused in particular seasons when the pollens are released from the plant i.e. pollination season. Hay fever and allergic rhinitis are the common diseases caused by the allergies from the pollen. Symptoms of these diseases include coughing and postnasal drip; itching eyes, nose, and throat; and dark circles under the eyes.

2. Smell

Smell allergy is new type of allergy and is not so common. Smell allergy is caused when you smell anything and the small particles or allergens which carry this smell enter your nostrils and makes you prone to the sneezing and coughing. Actually, it is not the smell but the allergens carrying the smell that cause the allergy. The most common type of smell allergy are—perfume allergy, allergy to the smell of particular flower (allergy to the smell of rose), or Petrol smell allergy.

3. Medicines

The allergy to the medicines is the new topic of discussion among all the doctors. Medicinal allergy is observed in the individual when the immune system reacts to the dosage of the drug making it to cause the side effects. Allergy to the medicines is the most dangerous of all the allergies. If you take the medicine that you all allergic to then it could lead to the serious consequences. Many individuals are found to be allergic to the antibiotics (penicillin); aspirin; or anaesthetics. That is the reason why the medicines should be strictly taken under the doctor’s supervision.

4. Insects

Insects bite is one of the most common causes of the allergies. When the insect bites, it releases some toxins in out body that cause the irritation of the skin. Sometimes, the reason for the allergies may not be the insect bite but only because of the release of the substances on our body during the insects walk that cause the allergic reaction. Thus, it is necessary to have the insect repellents at your house.

5. Fungal or mould spores (in the bathroom and other damp areas)

Fungal or moulds are found to be grown near the moist and dump areas in your areas or in nearby areas. They during the sporogenesis release the spores that cause the allergy to the humans. These spores when released in air or even water and if you come in contact with them you suffer from the allergies.

6. Pets

Pet allergies means these are not the allergies to the dogs or cats but, the allergies that are caused by the skin flakes and dander of these pets. As we all love our pets, so it is very necessary to maintain the hygiene of these pets so that they can live happy with us and we remain free from the pet allergies.

7. Drink

This is the new form of the allergy that is caused by the drinks. Many people are found to be allergic to the soft drinks and hard drinks. Many individuals are found to be allergic to the alcohol. When these individuals take the alcohol there mouth starts getting the ulcers. Even when you drink the water that contains the allergens of some chemicals, you get the allergies of mouth and throat. Sometimes even the antigens enter your mouth and cause the allergies. Please avoid the drinking of contaminated water to remain away from the allergies.

8. Food

Allergies are most commonly caused by the foods that we eat. Food allergies shows the symptoms as mouth ulcers, irritation in the mouth, pain in the throat, immediate sneezing, etc. Food allergies occur when the immune system mounts an attack on certain proteins in certain foods. The immune system mistakenly sees a harmless substance in the food as harmful, and churns out antibodies-known as IgE – to attack it. This causes the allergies. The next time a person eats that food, the substance to which he is allergic (the allergen A substance that produces an allergic reaction) enters the body, and attaches to the IgE on mast cells. The mast cells respond by releasing a host of powerful chemicals, including histamine A chemical in certain body cells, which contributes to inflammation and causes itching, swelling, sneezing and other allergic symptoms., to ‘protect’ the body. This produces allergic symptoms. Individuals are found to be allergic to oily foods, cow’s milk, hen eggs, wheat, soya, seafood, fruit, and nuts.

9. Dust mites

Allergies are many times found to be caused by the dust mites that are present in your home or nearby area. House dust mites are tiny (up to 0.3 mm) animals related to ticks and spiders and live in house dust. There is not a house without them, but some houses contain huge numbers and other houses contain almost none. House dust mites eat the dust which comes from our skin all the time. They leave droppings everywhere they go. These droppings cause the allergies in humans. They mainly cause eczema or asthma.

10. Smoke

Smoke is one of the factors that causes allergy in the humans. Smoke is released by the chemical, cement, or perfume factories that contains the harmful antigens and lead to the allergy in humans Smoke released by the vehicles contains harmful carbon monoxide that causes irritation of eyes and nose. Last but not the least the smoke from the cigarettes contain the toxic substances that when released in air cause allergies and lead to the severe health hazards.

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