Top 10 Crochet Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Crochet Tips and Tricks

Do you ever wonder how other people get their crochet projects to turn out so lovely? While part of having a project turn out well has to do with practice, there are other tips that you can use to improve your crochet skills. Whether you are just starting to learn how to crochet or you have been at it for years, here are ten tips that you can start using today! Learn things like what yarns to use, how to wind yarn, creating new stitches and more.

  1. Do you love to crochet but you have small children and find it hard to get enough time for your hobby? Why not get them involved? They love it because they get to spend time with you and help mommy as well. Let your children sew small crochet motifs together for you or teach them how to crochet scarves for their dolls. Just remember to always keep a hook and yarn nearby so that you don’t have to stop and search.
  2. Avoid mixing different types of yarn in the same project. Different yarns, such as cotton and acrylics, will shrink at different rates after they have been washed. The end result is that your crochet project that had looked so beautiful once it was completed, will look distorted and worn out after it has been washed.
  3. Are you looking for an easy way to wind yarn into the perfect ball each time? Simply wrap the yarn around two fingers. When you are done, pull your fingers out of the ball. You now have the perfect ball because the tension is loose and the yarn won’t stretch out of shape. Plus, the ball won’t roll away if you drop it since it is so soft.
  4. Use post-it-notes to keep track of your progress as you work on a project. As you complete each line, move the post-it-note to the next line so that you will never loose your spot. Plus, you can make notes or keep track of the number of repeats you have done directly on the post-it-note. When it becomes full, just start using a new one. As well, if you discover errors or make changes to the pattern, you can write them down on the post-it-note and keep it on that spot for when you use the pattern again in the future.
  5. To keep a crochet project looking neat and tidy, always weave the tail ends of yarn into your project as you work on it. One way is to use a yarn needle to weave the yarn in, making it very secure and less likely to unravel. Use a needle threader to make it easier to get the yarn onto the needle. Another way is to use a crochet hook that is two to three times smaller than the hook you used for the project. The smaller hook allows you to easily weave the yarn in between the stitches of your project.
  6. An easy way to create new stitches is to insert your crochet hook under both loops of the stitch on the previous row. This way, when you complete a stitch, you will always have a loop still on your hook, making it easier to start the next stitch. When counting how many stitches you have completed in that row, never include the stitch that is still on the hook.
  7. To keep track of special stitches or the end of a row on your crochet project, you can use plastic split ring markers. If you don’t have any, or if you run out of them, you can always use safety pins, scrap yarn in a different colour or even twist ties. They all work the same way and you can save money if you already have these items on hand.
  8. Often patterns will give instructions for several different sizes on the same line in the pattern by using parentheses. To keep track of which size you are crocheting, simply highlight or circle the size you have selected before starting the pattern. This way, you won’t accidentally start following the instructions for the wrong size.
  9. Many people find the winter months dull because of the cold weather and lack of sunshine. To help cheer yourself up, work with bright colours that are fun and lively. As well, make sure that you invest in a good lamp that provides lots of light while you work.
  10. If you are working with a pattern that changes colours often, for example when creating a checkerboard effect, don’t start and stop each colour each time it changes. Simply keep the colour going by carrying it across the previous row and stitching over the yarn. Then when the pattern calls for the colour change, the new colour is ready and waiting for you to use it. Plus, with this method, you don’t have to weave in the tail ends of the yarn.

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  1. My Granddaughters are nearly 6 years old now. I have started teaching them the basics of crochet. The book we make for each girl will have this article ( Top 10…) in it. I can be of great help to them, crocheting and reading. Thank you.

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