Top 10 Seashell Crafts Ideas

Top 10 Seashell Crafts Ideas

If you enjoy seashells, then in all likelihood, you are almost always hunting for seashell crafts ideas to discover a functional technique to display seashells at your house and / or share them with your friends and relatives. Little kids enjoy trying to find seashells, and creating a little something of their very own to showcase them is a fantastic method to get them involved with showcasing their precious proud discoveries!

The following list of Top 10 Seashell Crafts Ideas is great for kids and adults alike to display natures finest treasures. Take delight in making any of these seashell crafts ideas for you and your family or perhaps to end up being given as a gift for your own loved ones to savor. All you need to create these types of seashell crafts ideas are seaside inspiration, a good hot glue gun along with clear glue sticks, seashells as well as , clear gloss spray paint.

Word of advice: When it comes to most of these crafts its definitely a smart idea to pre-gloss your seashells and let them to dry out before using them on your seashell craft idea.

1. Seashell Candle Holder

Seashell candle holders are one of the easiest seashell crafts ideas to make, whether this is your first ever craft project or you are a semi-pro. All you need is a clear glass candle holder, seashells, gloss spray paint and a hot glue gun with glue sticks. You can use seashells of all one kind or various types for your project. Use an electric candle or traditional candle in a self contained glass jar so you can easily replace your candle in your seashell candle holder.

2. Seashell Mirror

Another easy-to-make seashell crafts idea for kids and grown-ups alike is a seashell mirror. If you are looking for seashells crafts ideas for a birthday party activity, use small mirrors with unfinished wooden frames. These can be found and are very inexpensive, in local craft super stores. Pre-gloss your seashells to bring out the bright colors and hot glue them to the frame. Small mirrors grouped together on a hallway wall or entry table makes a great diplay.

3. Seashell Covered Box

Need somewhere to store your jewelry or other treasures? A seashell adorned box lined with nautical inspired fabric is a great seashell crafts idea to give to a friend or family member. Simply select any size wooden box at your local craft superstore, select your pre-glossed seashells and hot glue the shells to the outer sides and lid of your box. On the inside, cut out nautical styled fabric to size, and carefully glue the fabric to the inside of the box. Makes for a great teacher’s gift or gift card holder!

4. Seashell Coasters

For this seashell craft idea, you can start with new coasters or revive old coasters that you’d like to provide a fresh new look to. Hot glue small seashells around the most outer edge of the entire coaster. Allow to dry thoroughly before use.

5. Seashell Clock

Do you have an old clock laying around that needs an updated look? This is the perfect seashell crafts idea for reviving garage sale finds! Hot glue seashells all over your clock (or use just a few strategically placed seashells) to give that old clock a maritime feel!

6. Seashell Jewelry

I can’t think of a better way to welcome summer than to accent your summer wardrobe with this seashell crafts idea. Select you perfect length necklace, preferred clasp and any seashells you have with pre-drilled holes (yes -you can find these on the beach!). Make a fashionable necklace to wear with your favorite smaller seashells to remind you of the beach even if you’re not at the beach!

7. Seashell Animals

This is a cute, kid’s favorite. Simple clam shells with googlie-eyes glued on the outer shell, transform seashells into various faces. A properly placed black nose can make your creature look like a polar bear or koala depending upon the shape and color of your seashell. You can use simple pieces of sticks or other wood you may have as the body, or use an additional match seashell turned the other way.

8. Seashell Filled Vase

Ever have trouble making the perfect floral arrangement and keeping your steams in place? Here’s a seashell crafts idea that can help you make the perfect floral arrangement. Fill a large clear vase about 1/4 of the way from the bottom with various sized and shaped seashells. Fill vase about 1/2 way with water. As you add your steams, nestle the stem in between the seashells to help hold them in place. This makes a great seashell centerpiece for a summer themed dinner party!

9. Seashell Centerpiece

If you don’t have a lot of smaller seashells, invest in one larger seashell that can make a statement. You can even grow small air ferns or other low maintenance plants inside the opening of the shells. Horse conches, whelks and other large mollusks are great shells to use for these seashell craft ideas. Group them or display individually on a delicate doily on your table for an amazing, yet simple, centerpiece.

10. Seashell Wine Glass Tags

This seashell crafts idea is best suited for tiny seashells. Purchase some simple, plain wine tags and hot glue a few small augers, horse conches or scallops to the ring. These add a detailed touch to your back-yard beach party and are useful in keeping owners united with their proper wine glasses.

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Angela Ferrault is a wife and mom, who through various volunteering experiences in her church and children’s school, developed a passion for unique crafting opportunities, often translating these newfound skills into charitable fundraising events.

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