Top 10 Tips for Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is one of, if not the most famous room in the home. It must withstand high traffic, spills, messes, young kids, pets and even dirty shoes every so often.  Here’s some tips for cleaning your kitchen.

1. Speed-Clean

Store microfiber polishing pad along with other go-to cleaning supplies within easy reach so you can quickly grab and wipe once the mood strikes. If things are packed away in a cleaning closet, you’re more prone to procrastinate until all these little kitchen cleaning tips buildup such as the grime that won’t be ignored.

2. Trash Cans

Although the kitchen trash can is lined with a plastic garbage bag, still it has a way of holding onto odors and food remnants. Sprinkle in sodium bicarbonate when you change the trash bag, and switch the can upside down and hose the inside every few weeks.

3. Tea Pots and Occasional Mugs

Take a peek inside your tea pot. If you notice deposits or rust spots, an easy way to remove them is by boiling water with sodium bicarbonate and a slice of lemon. Remove stains out of your coffee maker and mugs after some baking soda or salt, then rinse thoroughly. The salt absorbs helping take off stains, while sodium bicarbonate is an angel at removing odors that may affect flavor.

4. Daily Counter Cleaning

Counters really are a breeze to clean when you turn it into a part of the daily routine. Dip an all natural fiber sponge in undiluted vinegar and wipe them down. You may also use baking soda and water should you run into a few stubborn spots.

5. Pots along with Other Cookware

Roasting pans, large soup pots along with other handy cookware rarely easily fit in the dishwasher. Soaking them overnight with warm water and soap works, however it only removes the surface of food. Instead, grow it with boiling water and some pinches of salt and cover. The steam helps loosen baked-on food round the inside edges. Wait until water is cool (at least 7-10 minutes) then scrub.

6. Cutting Boards

Regardless of how hard you scrub them, with time, cutting boards can hold onto certain stains. Remove stains and bacteria by cutting open a lemon and rubbing it at first glance. This kitchen cleaning tip will even help remove lingering odors.

7. Microwaves

Microwave cleanliness is affected with the whole out of sight, from mind notion that many people sign up for. We heat up our food, hear the mild read sauce explosions, and promptly ignore them because it’s time to eat. Eliminate nasty buildup with a 1:4 solution of vinegar and water, an all natural cleaning solution.

8. Stove-top Stains

Stovetop stains are easy come easy go whenever you take a tip from TLC and sprinkle salt in it first. The salt absorbs the grossness, plus it’s an abrasive so it’ll assist you to scrub off the remaining stain with no damage the stove surface.

9. Wall Splatter Kryptonite

Remove wall splatters your day they occur otherwise you might not notice them again until a particular perceptive relative stops by. Waterborne stains from condiments or drinks can come off with damp cloth of towel. Oil-based stains like oil are no match for a mild dish water and soap.

10. Homemade Cleaners

The odor of kitchen cleaners can be overwhelming. If individuals are on their way over, or you simply don’t seem like breathing it in, you’ve got a ready-made excuse to not clean a spec. Homemade cleaners are affordable, great for the environment and effective. Simply make a paste with sodium bicarbonate and water, and use on backsplashes, ovens, sink drains. On tile floors, apply having a microfiber mop applicator.

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  1. I really appreciate your tip to clean the trash cans regularly in order to eliminate odors in the kitchen. I also like what you said about cutting open a lemon and rubbing it on cutting boards in order to remove stains and bacteria from a kitchen tool as prone to being full of bacteria as a cutting board. I’ve heard that it is a bad idea to use chemical agents when cleaning kitchen drains because it can break down your kitchen piping systems, I’ll have to look more into it though!

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