Twelve Easy Tips to Banish Dull Skin

Twelve Easy Tips to Banish Dull Skin

We all get dull, sallow skin at some point in our lives, even the best skin can misbehave if taken for granted for too long. The reasons for dull skin can vary from one individual to the next from aging to an unhealthy diet. But making a few simple changes to our facial routine and a little bit of discipline in our lifestyle can make a big difference to our complexion.

The Most Common Causes of Dull Skin:

  1. Aging
  2. Stress
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Build up of dead skin cells
  5. Dryness
  6. Smoking/drinking
  7. Anemia
  8. Poor blood circulation
  9. Build up of toxins in the body
  10. Lack of physical exercise

Twelve Tips for Banishing Dull Skin:

Try to Reduce Stress

This can be something as simple as a walk in the park on a regular basis to indulging in an aromatherapy massage. Adaptogenic herbs like Ginseng and Astragalus are excellent at helping the body to adapt and cope with stressful situations.

Try to Get a Good Nights Sleep

Try to get a good nights sleep, more and more research suggests that it is the quality of sleep that seems to be more important rather than the quantity. After a good nights sleep one should wake up refreshed and energized. A great natural insomnia remedy that has worked for many people is Black seed oil or Nigella Sativa oil.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliate regularly using a nourishing face polish. The aging process slows down the rate of cell renewal considerably causing a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin that can lead to a rough texture and a tired appearance.


Moisturize with a good quality moisturizer made from cold pressed oils and herbal extracts every time you cleanse is vital in keeping the skin hydrated and replenished.

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking, tobacco smoke contains around 4000 chemicals with 50 of them known as carcinogens (cancer causing) These toxins are absorbed by the skin causing dullness, wrinkles and sagging.

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy, nutritious foods, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables as well as lean meat for iron content as iron deficiency can also be a cause of dull skin.

Exercise Regularly.


Do regular internal cleansing by drinking herbal teas. Excellent detoxing herbs are burdock, dandelion, and sarsaparilla.

Use a Face Mask

Use a face mask once a week, great ingredients to look out for in a face masque include Indian Gooseberry, vitamin C, Green tea and Mint. Using 100% natural face masques that are supplied in powder form to be activated on application are preferred as they are usually free from irritating toxins and preservatives.

Use Natural Skin Products

Use good quality herbal skincare products that are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives. Natural skincare products are generally much healthier for the skin as they contain ingredients that are plant based with more natural antioxidants and skin nourishing extracts.

Facial Massage

Give yourself a facial massage with a good quality nourishing facial oil. This is a fabulous technique for increasing circulation and toning the facial muscles. When coupled with a facial serum made from cold pressed organic oils the skin is fed with all the vital nutrients to stay smooth and supple.

Clean Your Skin Before Bed

Always cleanse and moisturize before bed. Going to bed without removing makeup is NOT good for the skin as cosmetics can block the pores leading to breakouts and blemishes as well as dullness because the skin continues absorbing the chemicals present in the products.

Disclaimer: Information in this article is for general information. If you have specific health problems consult your GP before making any lifestyle changes.

The Author:

Marisa is a therapist and founder of Alive Earth Skincare. She loves writing about natural beauty and skincare.

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