Unique Sewing and Craft Secrets: Save Time and Money

Unique Sewing and Craft Secrets: Save Time and Money

Dozens of unique craft and sewing tips to save you time and money.

To Open that Stuck Zipper: Rub the teeth with a bar of soap or spray with shaving cream.

An Ideal Pin Cushion: Use a bar of soap. Makes sewing easier and needle just slides through hard material.

To Unwrinkle Plastic Materials: Heat ironing board with iron, lay material on board, then smooth with hands.

How to Remove Scorches: Wet scorched area and cover with cornstarch, then brush off when dry.

Lengthen Life of Wooden Clothes Pins: Boil them in a salt solution.

A Neat String Dispenser: Nail a funnel to the wall and pull string out of bottom of funnel.

Tips on Storing Plastic Curtains: Sprinkle talcum powder between the layers as you go.

Basting Made Easy: Just tape then sew around the pieces of tape.

How to Revive Old Clothing: Shave those fluffs off with a safety razor.

Make an Emergency Clothes Brush: Wrap a piece of tape around the hand, sticky side out.

Stop Clothes Catching on Wooden Hangers: Put a coat of clear nail polish over splinters and rough edges.

A Needle Sharpening Pin Cushion: Use steel wool to fill your cushion.

Quick Needle Sharpening Trick: Rub needle against an emery board.

Make a Good Yarn Preserver: Wrap yarn around a moth ball for storage.

Handy Tip for Cutting Fur: Use a razor blade on back of fur when cutting and you will not cut any hair.

Tips on Sewing Slippery Material: Stick a piece of waxed paper in seam, pull away when finished.

Easy Pickup of Needle Spills: Use a small magnet.

Excellent Knitting Tip: Keep ball of yarn in nylon stocking – will flow out free of tangles.

How to Get Rid of Shiny Pants: Make a solution of one part vinegar to four parts water. Soak a cloth in solution, wring out, place over pants and press lightly.

When You Need Heavy Duty Thread: Use dental floss.

Make a Handy Tape Measure Holder: Wind tape around an old adhesive tape spool.

Prevent Nylon from Yellowing: Add baking soda to your wash and rinse water.

Make a Perfect Sock Darner: Pull socks over a light bulb – makes it easier.

Restore Velvet Like New: Brush good, then hang in a steamy bathroom.

How to Get Rid of Knots on Sweaters: Rub lightly with a piece of sandpaper.

How to Remove Lint from Wool: Use a damp sponge and touch lightly.

Caring for Leather: Brush with skim milk every three months.

Repair Scuffed Patent Leather: Cover with same color polish, let dry; then cover with clear nail polish.

Repair Cracking Patent Leather: Before each wearing, rub briskly with your hand, then a soft cloth.

How to Soften Leather Shoes: Sponge with black coffee.

To Protect Your Sewing Bag: Stick the point of your closed scissors into a cork.

Neat Pin and Needle Container: Save those stick deodorant containers. They work great!

Renew those Worn Out Blankets: Sew cloth on both sides and you have a new quilt.

To Ensure the Sections of Material Cut from a Pattern are Accurate: First press the sections before laying them to be cut.

Breath Life into Those Worn Lingerie Items: Machine stitch over small breaks.

Keep Needles Rust Free: Stick them straight into a bar of soap.

Eliminate the Old Hemline in Your Wool Clothes: When lowering, sponge with vinegar, then press.

Save Repair Bills on Your Sewing Machine: Try oiling and delinting first before sending out for costly repairs.

Handy Substitute for Hemline Chalk: A bar of soap works fine.

Prevent Your Thread from Knotting when Basting: Tie a knot in the thread before snipping off.

Remove Stains from Suede: First rub with a emery board, then leave in a steamy shower or apply light steam from your iron.

Remove Grease From Valuable Silks: Rub in baby powder and let stand several days, then brush out. Powder should absorb the grease.

Tip on Ironing Ruffles: Always iron these on the wrong side and from the edge in.

Handy Tip for Ironing Skirt Hems: Always make sure hems are fully dry. Iron from bottom to top, not side to side. Iron with the grain of the fabric.

To Iron Embroidered Items: Lay right side down on a terry cloth and press out.

Don’t Pop Your Button: Cover them with a spoon while ironing.

Ironing Seer Sucker: If you ever have to do so, on the wrong side only.

Fast Easy Way to Remove Lint: Put your garment on the fluff cycle in dryer for a few moments.

Handy Tip for Filling Steam Irons: Your old squeeze bottles work great!

Quickie Iron Tip: Place Reynolds Wrap under the ironing board cover. Heats up faster and cuts your time in half.

Patchwork Tip: Before your sew a patch on any washable garment, be sure to wash the patch once to avoid shrinkage.

Cool Folding Tip: After ironing, be sure to let the garments cool completely before storing.

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