Use Potpourri to Carry Blessings at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Flowers are amazing thing. As with many amazing things in life, too often we stick with the popular and ignore former traditions or modern take-offs. Sure, they’re beautiful, but why not let flowers work for you? Flowers and herbs have an ancient language that assigns meanings to individual blossoms, said to imbue the carrier with strength. At one time herbs’ and flowers’ properties were thought to be magical, but surely the magic of presence can be sufficient!

Marriage is challenging. Here you are with a full heart and earnest intentions to live together forever. So stack the deck in your favor! There are certain qualities which your healthy marriage will need to thrive. Some of those you already possess, but you’re going to want to encourage them. Some of those you’re going to have to learn, so you want role models and examples from your community. And some of them you’re going to have to be open to their blessing when you need them. A little careful research in your friends’ and families’ marriages can help you determine what those marital gifts might be for your marriage.

And then take a look at the language of flowers and see what flowers and herbs might be helpful. You may think this is crazy, but actually fragrance fastens memories in our brains. Why not consider using dried flowers as part of your wedding:

* Make a potpourri from dried herbs and flowers that represent the elements you’re seeking in a thriving marriage. (Attention: You might want some professional help with this so you wind up with something beautiful and which smells good. Your florist can help!)

* Ask chosen guests or attendants to mix potpourri. Identify people who represent those qualities and ask them to bring forward small bags of those herbs and flowers forward to be blended as part of the wedding ceremony. (you supply the herb bags!)

* Include those characteristics as part of your wedding vows. Promise Passion and Tender Care — and whatever else you think you’re going to need to make your marriage successful.

* Before the wedding, bundle those herbs and flowers into a sachet. Sachets, filled with scents and “meanings” can either be worn on a ribbon around your neck or slipped in a pocket or a bodice. After the wedding, tuck them into drawers and pockets and allow yourself to be reminded of how incredible your relationship is.

* Rather than a bouquet, carry a decorated pomander, a beautiful metal or glass potpourri container which can be suspended on a ribbon from your wrist.

* List the characteristics and flowers on your program so that everyone can know their meaning.

* Use your special potpourri at home or on your marriage altar as a reminder and an encouragement to stay true to the promises that are the heart of your marriage.

* Give flowers or sachets to guests as favors. Sachets are wonderful for pockets and purses, you can do different sachets for men and women, different scents, because there are differences between men and women!

And then, breathe deeply and make your wedding vows and go have a wonderful marriage.

Bottom Line?: Give your relationship the chance it deserves to succeed wildly, against all odds! After all, you deserve it. Your relationship deserves it! If you want in-depth pointers, ideas, information about designing your perfect wedding ceremony, explore my site! And now I’d like to invite you to sign up to receive 2 free templates for creating the wedding vows of your dreams and the marriage of a lifetime:

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