5 Step to Using Oils on Your Hair

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Several Important Steps to Follow When Utilizing Oil on Your Own Hair

There is no denying that using the proper hair treatment may do magic to your hair. It is important to make a healthy determination, obtain some essentials and follow this regime. Using oils on your hair is really beneficial and can do lots to revive brittle and dull hair.

Know What You’re Looking For

Before beginning on your hair care therapy, you must first determine the kind of oil which suits your needs. For dry and brittle hair, argan oil hair can do magic to retrieve a shiny, silky sheen. If you’re looking for shine in your hair, coconut oil is an age old cure to restore the glossiness of dull hair. Almond essential oil is filled with vitamins and minerals that are best for keeping healthy hair. If you are concerned about loss of hair, applying castor oil may help lessen its severity with constant use. You can always choose a blend of these natural oils to get the expected results.

Warm Up The Oil

Normally, the application of heat on these oils brings out the important minerals and vitamins locked inside the oils so that they may be easily absorbed into hair. There are many ways to heat up hair natural oils. You could put some into a plastic container or reheatable bag and put them to the microwave oven. Alternatively, you can just sit the essential oils in hot water to heat them up. Test that the oil is just sufficiently warm and not scalding hot before you apply it to your hair or touching it.

Rub Down The Oil into Your Hair

After the oil is warmed up, gently use the tips of your fingers to work the oil into your hair. Select the ends of your locks, as those areas are more harmed before slowly working your way to the roots of your hair. You should be gentle and not rub the oil into hair vigorously, as this can further damage hair and cause it to become more frizzy.

Utilize a Shower Cap

Next, use a shower cap to enable the oil to soak into hair so it will absorb the vitamins and nutrients available in these natural oils. Follow-up by covering a bath towel around your head to retain heat and keep the oil warm. You may also choose to stand in a warm shower, enabling the steam to maintain moisture and also keep the oil heated. Try this for half an hour before progress to the next step.

Wash The Oil Out of Your Hair

After the given period of time is up, rinse the oil out of your hair using tepid water. Be sure to rinse out all the oil or even the greasy residue which can give an unpleasant feeling making your hair appear oilier than it actually is. You may want to use a gentle shampoo to rinse out the oil in your hair, as it is not advisable to use a clarifying shampoo since all the oil may be washed out and cause your hair to lose all its moisture.

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