Vegetable Gardening 101

Vegetable Gardening 101

If you’ve been inspired to try growing your own vegetable garden during the pandemic, here are three steps to follow to get your best harvest.


• Choose a spot with plenty of sunlight.
• Make sure you have easy access to water.
• Map your garden. Plant tall crops like corn north or west of short crops.
• Plan to use companion planting, such as marigolds, in your veggie garden to naturally deter bugs.


• Start your seeds for tomatoes, peppers and broccoli early indoors.
• Wait until after the last spring frost to start planting outdoors.
• Check with your garden supply retailer for high-quality seeds and plants.
• Plant in straight rows to make cultivating, harvesting and insect control easier.
• Feed your soil with the right balance of nutrients using a good quality fertilizer.
• Water plants regularly, especially in the early stages.


• Monitor your plants often for signs of pests and disease. (Tip: remove the bottom third of leaves on tomatoes to help prevent mold and rot.)
• Remove weeds and insect-ravaged plants.
• Encourage beneficial insects in your garden.
• If a pest problem persists, apply a pest control product following the instructions on the label.

Pesticides available in stores have been approved by Heath Canada as safe for people, pets and the environment.

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