Four Simple Leaf Wall Decor Ideas

Four Simple Leaf Wall Decor Ideas

Paints, oils, and watercolor are traditional media for art. Over the ages, artists have used them to create stunning pictures that captivate the mind.

There is also another genre of artists that do not use traditional media. Instead, they use other nonstandard materials to make beautiful art. For example, some may use butterfly wings to make beautiful artwork. Some use coins to create an interesting mosaic.

Some of the easiest nonstandard materials to work on are leaves. Leaves come in an infinite number of shapes, forms, colors, and sizes. These factors make leaves a perfect art material.

Here are some wonderful art ideas that you can make easily.

1. Paint Spatter Silhouettes

To protect the surface you are working on, place some old newspapers on it. Now take a large poster board. Place your leaves on the poster board and arrange it to your liking. Any number of leaves is fine but it is best to restrict the number to around two or three. With the leaves in place, dip an old toothbrush into a color medium; enamel paint usually works best.

Hold the brush near the leaves, and run your finger across the bristles, flicking the paint. You can do this process several times with different colors. When dry, lift the leaves carefully; you will see a wonderful bare leaf outline around color splatters. Frame the board and you will have an interesting leaves wall décor for your home.

2. Angel Feathers

Magnolia leaves are best used for this project. Start of by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda for one quart of water in a porcelain boiling pan. Lay the leaves in the vessel and pour over the baking powder solution. After boiling for half an hour, set aside to let the leaves cool in the solution. Take the leaves out and scrape the green surface with a knife. Once this is done, you will have a nice shape of a feather.

Make a solution of two tablespoons of chlorine bleach per quart of water. Place the leaves into the solution and set aside for an hour. When the leaves turn white, take them out and rinse thoroughly with cool water. Gently dry the leaves with a washcloth. Once dry, place the leaves between paper towels and press or weigh. Place wires on the leaves for stems and wrap it with florist tape. You can then frame the leaves.

3. Iron-On Leaf Designs

Choose nicely shaped leaves of different sizes. Then choose the substrate, the material to transfer the design to-be it cloth dinner napkins, T-shirt pocket, stationery, or a hanky. Color the back of the leaf with a bright colored crayon; then colored side on the material.

Cover the leaf with a thin cotton cloth, and press a warm iron on it for a few seconds.

4. Leaf Prints

Here is another good leaves wall décor for any room in your house. Lay the leaf on a surface. You can use poster board, but you can be creative by using an unusual material such as papyrus or recycled brown paper. Use the side of a crayon to rub over side of the leaf. You can use as many colors as you like. When you lift the leaf off the material, you will be left with the shape of the leaf.

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